This Little Miggy Stayed Home: And the Auction Goes To....

Friday, August 29, 2008

And the Auction Goes To....

for an amazing $65.00!!!!

Thank you to everyone who bid and for all your lovely support. It's been awesome to play a small part in this truly worthy cause. There are still several auctions still open and I'm sure more auctions to come--so please keep checking Design Mom for updates and lets keep the love alive. I will definitely be checking more auctions tonight!

Now Leslie... back to you... you lucky lady. Please leave a comment telling me which bag you choose...from there we can do this one of 2 can make a payment directly to the NieNie Recovery Fund paypal account--once payment is complete I'll ask that you email me a copy of the receipt just to make sure we're legit....OR we can work through my etsy shop. Let me know and I'm stoked!!!! Thanks again everyone!


  1. Oh yay! They are both so adorable, I just don't know which one to choose. Hmmm... how about the first one, the one with the green polka dots. I went ahead and payed directly to the NieNie Recovery Fund paypal account. If I can get your email address I can forward you the receipt.

  2. Fantastic choice--it's my personal fav. Go ahead and email the receipt to agueck at hotmail dot com. Be sure to send your mailing address as well.

    Thanks again to everyone for participating!

  3. Bummer, I totally forgot to check late last night and bid again! Oh well!

    If you are at all interested, I'll pay $65 for the pink one if you'd like to donate that one to the Nie Nie fund too. If not, totally fine, of course!

    (Look at me trying to bend the auction rules.)

  4. Eliza--Freakin' SOLD!

    That's rad...would you like to paypal me or send it directly to NieNie's recovery fund? If you choose the latter just follow the directions I gave Leslie in my previous comment.


  5. Lovely! I will send it straight to the fund, probably tomorrow. I'm going to bed now. I'll send you the receipt as soon as I do it.

    Funny story, I found your blog on the auctions listed at Design Mom, but then realized that I had found it long ago linked on some other blog that I can't remember, Tales from the Crib maybe? and saw you're somehow related to Katie W. McB. She is a friend of mine...she lived with my little sister in college. And also named her firstborn after I choose to believe. ;)

    Anyway, just another blog connection! Have a nice day!