This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Me and Gayle...AGAIN

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Me and Gayle...AGAIN

"Are you stalking Gayle King?" a friend jokingly asks.  

"No.  She's stalking ME,"  I say.  

Yes I ran into Gayle...AGAIN.  This time I kept my cool and didn't say a word.  I didn't even notice her for the first 5 minutes. 

Beanie and I are walking down our street (our street, not Gayle's street mind you) and Beanie sees a little puppy.  She loves dogs and promptly goes toddling off to pet this little pup.  Being the savvy mom I am I stop her and politely ask the owner if my babe can pet his dog.  Oh sure!   he says.  There's a group of about 5 people standing around and all I know is my baby wants to pet the dog and I'm not paying attention to anything else!  Well, after a minute of squatting with Beanie to help her pet the dog I look up and notice my old pal Gayle as one of these people in the group--she's about to hop into a car (not just a car, but a car as in James, please pull the car around front).  Oh sheesh...I think.  Her again.  Well this time I'm not loosing my cool and making another spectacle of myself.  So I pretend I don't even notice.   Gayle who?  I don't see any Gayle's around here...

Then I hear, Excuse me...excuse me, do you live in this building?  

That's right, Gayle addresses ME, OK?  So lets just let the record show that I did not attempt a second conversation with Gayle King, but in fact the woman was addressing me.  I'm starting to wonder if I'm on some sort of hidden camera gig for an upcoming Oprah show.  Well, if so...I'm on to you guys.

Anywho...I had to inform her that no I did not live in this exact building, but rather one over...and, in fact I met her a couple weeks ago as she was asking about the same neighborhood--ha ha funny coincidence--but sorry, I don't live in this building.  

Yes she was totally nice again and very sweet and proper...but if she keeps this up I might have to beef up my security.   


  1. that's awesome! Next time you see her, tell her to tell oprah to give me some money.

  2. way to play it cool as you always are!

  3. oh yeah, about your weezer experience....that sounds like an awesome story. I saw them in concert for their first tour and the seats were first come first serve so I was second row. Crazy right? then the next one I went to was their Maladroit tour and I had about 15th row. They are sooooo good live. I'm awaiting their next tour only because they play always play their old stuff. I dont recommend checking out red, it has tarnished their good name.
    long comment.