This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Flying Food

Monday, July 14, 2008

Flying Food

Hi moms.  Question for did you (or do you) keep your kid(s) from flinging food on the floor?  I'm not into corporal punishment and I reserve time-outs for serious offenses (hitting, etc).  Do you have a magic technique?  Do you just kindly ask the kiddo(s) not to throw their food on the floor over and over and over and hoping it just stops one day?  Keep in mind the Bean is only 16 months old--I'm not expecting miracles here and obviously I'm cutting her some slack, but any suggestions as to what I can do and possibly when (ago wise) would be great.  


Your Pal, 


  1. Frankly, I just take the food away. Once they start throwing it's obvious that they're done eating.

    If they don't stop after a first warning, release the beast!

  2. I get a sandwich bag and have her help me put the food back into it. She loves putting it in there, and so when she finishes now she doesn't throw the food but waits for me to get out that bag.

  3. Christina's little one is another creature altogether. Her version of crying is whimpering softly. Maybe my next baby will be that docile. (haha)

    I also take the food away. If she flings it, she doesn't get to eat it. If she flings everything, I take her down and try again in an hour. Then she's a little more appreciative of the food. If they're truly hungry, they won't fling it (IMO).

  4. I took away the food, reminded him that we don't throw food on the floor, and had him help me clean it up. He actually got into the habit of getting the broom and mop after every meal! I also taught him to put the food he didn't want on the table (as opposed to his tray) if I could tell he was still hungry but just didn't want any more of that particular food. Good luck!

  5. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Hey i just wanted to let you know that I would NEVER just throw your gourmet pie away...I'd eat the whole thing before I'd let it go to waste :) We actually ate it all when we went on a picnic with my sister...thanks again for making us a delicious dessert!

  6. I know you mentioned liking Feist before...maybe you and Beanie would both enjoy this: