This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Odds and Ends

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Odds and Ends


Also, I have yet to make a gift for my dear friend and contest winner Likely...I haven't forgotten.  I'm sorry...I'll get on it soon.

Also, I'm still planning on making more tents--but it's gonna be a while.  We're about to hit up some vacay time and so I'm not sure when I'll get to it...but they're coming.  So tell your moms and your sisters and your bff's and get your orders in now!  

That's about it.  And now to close with the final words our first pediatrician always said to us when leaving his well.  


  1. ooooh. I'm so glad to see a foto! Turned out really cute. And I feel cool that I made it into a blog post of yours. And that I taught you something. :)

  2. soooo cute!!! the funny thing is i swear that every fabric you have, i also have. i have that red polka dot and the floral lining. wierd because i don't really have much fabric, maybe 10 kinds and i have the same kind you redid you bookshelves with. wierd.

    ps you should totally etsy those babies

  3. how cute - i LOVE this bag! I would totally buy one - let me know if you're going to etsy :)

  4. really cute! i'd buy this for sure.

    p.s. so glad you went to shoegasm. cute, huh?

  5. Kendra--I owe it all to you.

    Liz--I know that's so funny. I've noticed the same thing when I've checked your blog...we just have really great taste. (shrug)

    Emmalily and Katie--I'll let you know when the bags hit the shop. And shoegasm is the best! Cute shoes and not too pricey.

  6. Yeah, how about you make us a play tent??? Just kidding.

    A tote bag would be fun though. Maybe for our library books? Or for picking the goods from our garden?

    I have this fantastic idea for an apron that I am working on and I really wish you were my neighbor right now.

  7. PS - did you just embroider free-hand or did you transfer something on the fabric?

  8. yes I love the tote for books/toys. I wish I were your neighbor too...the sewing would never stop!

    I wrote on the bag in pencil and then embroidered over that.

  9. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I want a few of those bags...for my girls and for gifts...they are sooo cute. Are they big enough to fit some library books in?

  10. Ohhh! That is such a cute tote bag! I would definitely buy this for sure.