This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Call for Music

Monday, June 16, 2008

Call for Music

Friends, dear friends...(most of) you know my taste in music and well I've hit a bit of a dry spell and I need some new recommendations to get me going again.  Band/Artist and a couple actual songs to introduce me to these groups would be much appreciated.  Please don't hold back...just remember the time I made you a mix tape/cd and it was the first time you ever heard _______ and you loved them... all thanks to me.  Remember that.  So dish.  


  1. I hesitate giving any recommendations because I'm sure you've heard of anyone I listen to. But one of our favorites is Joshua Radin. We even saw him live in SF last year. And the new Coldplay album is really good.

  2. It's a deal.

    MGMT - Kids (I DARE you not to bust a move to this one)
    Cut Copy - Feel the Love & Lights and Music
    White Rabbits - While We Go Dancing
    The Kooks- Always Where I Need to Be
    The Kills - Sour Cherry
    Fleet Foxes
    Kate Walsh - Foundations
    British Sea Power

    The Wombats - can't get Let's Dance to Joy Division out of my head.
    Margot and the Nuclear So & So's - Skeleton Key
    Chris Garneau - Baby's Romance
    Soko - I'll Kill Her

    Those are a few, I can hook you up if you want.

  3. (or 90.7 on your FM dial) is an awesome radio station here in NYC. Fordham University's Voice is a commercial free, listener-supported station. They play Bob Dylan on the radio! Who does that?! Anyway, they have also featured such faves as Vampire Weekend, Death Cab, Feist etc. Every Monday is New Music Monday where they introduce you to new music from bands you already love, and new bands, too. And every Thurs at 8PM they play a new CD in it's entirety. I'm a dedicated fan (and I try not to feel guilty during their membership drives).

  4. You may have heard of some of these, but here are some of my recent faves:

    Of Montreal
    Jose Gonzales
    Albert Hammond Jr.
    Sufjan Stevens
    Spoon's Ga Ga Ga Ga album
    Andrew Bird
    Rilo Kiley's Under the Black Light
    Pinback (anything and everything)
    Band of Horses "Cease to Begin"
    Arcade Fire
    Peter Bjorn and John

    Now I just got nostalgic for the Napster days when I could get music for free.

  5. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Motion City Soundtrack...and Katy Perry

  6. Thank you! Please keep the music coming!

  7. one more...i heard it in a store last night and it's SO addicting.

    peter bjorn and john's "up against a wall"

    pure goodness, i promise!

  8. Katie--I have that album and I love that song! The whole album is great. Have you ever listened to Kings of Convenience? I think you'd dig em.

  9. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Younglove: Discotech, Closer to You
    Cavalier King: The Unprotected
    Phoenix: Consolation Prizes
    Snow Patrol: It’s Beginning to get to me
    Stars: Take me to the riot
    Kenna: Sun Red Sky Blue and Say Goodbye to Love
    Matt Pond PA: People have a way
    Brand New: Fork and Knife
    The Afters: Never going Back to OK
    Blaqk Audio: Semiotic Love
    Silver Chair: Straight Lines (presets remix)
    Your Vegas: In my head
    Test Your Reflex: must buy entire album (The Burning Hour)
    Bloc Party: Flux
    Scissors for Lefty: Ghetto Ways
    The Starting Line: Island

  10. Anonymous11:03 AM

    oh...and!! Bishop Allen: Click, Click, Click (buy this first)Have fun! Hope this helps! I was having a dry spell too! I found your page from one of your other friends, and I am a music junkie too!:-) I love your name!OH...and The Cribs: Girls Like Mystery Ok, I'll stop, you probably have a lot of this.

  11. has a pretty good "alternative chill" station that I have been listening to quite a bit. Some new stuff (to me) that I have heard on there is Groove Armada and Hooverphonic. I'm sure that you could get them both on, if that's how you roll. If not, I'm sure they are also on ITunes.

  12. Uno mas!

    Josh Rouse

  13. Another one:

    Time of Times by Badly Drawn Boy

  14. Cut copy Cut copy cut copy. You'll dance your heart out.

  15. also revisiting old bands isn't a bad idea. i.e. daft punk and the talking heads always make me smile

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