This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Mom Jeans

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mom Jeans

I  know some of you remember this SNL commercial for "Mom Jeans."  Unfortunately I can't find a video clip to post on my blog, but here's a picture.  

High waists, flat bums, tapered legs...overall just the most unflattering fit you can imagine.  You know Mom Jeans.  Well this weekend (on my extravaganza) I did a little shopping.  I found a pair of jeans that I really, really like in the most unlikely of places.  The Gap.  I worked at The Gap in high school and I don't remember liking their jeans that much even then...but we didn't have a lot of choices back in the day.  I don't think I've even tried on a pair of Gap jeans since college and I certainly have not purchased a pair in the past 8-10 years. My point is I was really surprised that I liked these jeans.  They're a basic straight leg--not skinny jeans style, but not bell bottomed either--they sit a little higher on my waist than most of my hip hugger jeans and they're just a classic look.  In fact that's the style name, Classic.  I bought them and I've been wearing them pretty religiously....and then it occurred to me--have I unknowingly wandered into Mom Jean territory?  Straight leg... higher waist.  No fuss, no muss?  In my defense I'm sick of having to find shirts that go down to my knees to cover my bum in case I decide to bend over in the course of the know something that moms never do.  But seriously, I'd rather wear June Cleaver's house dress and pearls than be caught dead in mom jeans.  So please do me a favor, if you see me in these jeans and you can tell immediately which jeans I'm talking about and they scream MOM JEANS at you, please have the decency to tell me.  If you are my friend and you care about me at all you will be honest and tell me I'm wearing mom jeans.  Thanks.  


  1. This is hilarious because a few months ago I bought Gap jeans and love them! Like you, I never liked Gap jeans and I was pleasantly surprised at how they fit. Like you, they are not bootleg or lowrise. Just simple.

    I knew buying them that I was possibly leaving the college jeans period (i.e. Citizens, Sevens) but then again, my wallet and bottom have changed since those days.

    So, migs, I'm pretty sure without seeing your jeans that they are not mom jeans. In fact, I bet you look quite smashing in them.

  2. I know what you mean. In fact, I want to make more dresses so I can feel comfortable and less exposed? What? Well, welcome to mom hood.

  3. Let's see some fashion show pictures for us out of towners.

  4. Totally hits home. I bought a the Gap Classic last year too. I feel better that others did it too!

  5. There is some comfort knowing I'm not alone. As much as I hate the thought of mom jeans the only thing worse is mom "crack" and I've seen way too much of that lately at the local playgroups.

    I might post some pics, but I might not. We'll see.

  6. I think you will be ok. Part of making a mom jean look complete, you would need to have a regular t-shirt tucked in with a belt and some Keds, maybe a stone washed denim shirt tied around the waist in case it gets chilly outside. Something tells me you wouldn't go that far.