This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Home Remedies

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Home Remedies

Have you ever seen this site on home remedies?  I just love a good home remedy and after browsing this site I've found myself wondering how I got along with out it before.  For example...Insomnia.  This is their advice:  

Chop a yellow onion and put it in a jar with a lid. Place on your night table. When insomnia the jar and take a few good whiffs. Lie back and think lovely thoughts. You'll be sawing logs within fifteen minutes.

Yellow onion?  I've been using a white onion this whole wonder...   
Oh and this gem of advice on Baby Hiccups:

If the baby has the hiccups, take a piece of red thread (must be red!) and wad it up in your mouth. Put the wadded red thread on your baby's forehead and the hiccups will stop. No kidding!

Red string + baby's forehead = no hiccups.  Totally makes sense.  And one more favorite--curing colic! Boy I bet all you moms with fussy babies are dying to know how to do this...the answer will be so obvious you'll wonder why you didn't try this earlier:

Here is a super tip to cure colic, sent in by Renee from Sweetwater, TN: "Take formula or breast milk in a teaspoon, blow the smoke of a cigar (any brand) over the milk and then give to the child."

Duh!  Cigar smoke--so obvious right?  Well I'm sure you've got some home remedies to try out so I'll go ahead and end this post.  No need to thank me...just here to help.  


  1. the only reason you didn't get any comments on this post (i too appreciate a good hyperbole now and then) is because i haven't checked your blog for a while. i wouldn't let gems like these go uncommented-on! true wisdom. all i know is that when i cook with onions my whole apartment smells like onions which actually CAUSES insomnia for me. i actually avoid cooking with onions sometimes so the smell won't keep me up at night. hmmm... interesting....

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