This Little Miggy Stayed Home: UGH! Computer Frustrations Already

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

UGH! Computer Frustrations Already

OK so we got a new it. Except one thing...I can't upload any pictures to blogger. What?? I have no idea why. Neither does anyone else. So does anyone else who has a Mac have this problem with blogger? Let me know what the solution was...also, we have tried this with both Safari and Firefox. I'm positive it's not blogger because it's working on the old laptop just fine. Anyway, just chalk this up to one more reason technology bugs...random crap that doesn't work for no reason. Lame.


  1. You might need to update your flash and java plugins for both browsers.

  2. As soon as Scott reads this he will be all over the place commenting why Macs suck. I'm so sorry. Have you tried googling the answer because online geek forums can be very useful. That's how I got my cell phone working after Sonja shorted it out by slobbering all over it.

  3. amy-
    arly has a mac and she uploads photo's to blogger--maybe she'll know

    i still owe you an email about seattle here--working on it.

  4. Anonymous1:43 AM

    I don't think Macs suck, I just think that Apple computer charges too much and then doesn't let you tinker with/customize their products (a complete 180 change from the Apple II in the 80s that defined innovation and customizability).

    That clarified, I would first try to make sure that your plugins are updated as turbo said. Then, make sure that your pics are not too huge. If they are the same size as they were on the PC, then probably not an issue.

    Actually though, my solution to this is a free Flickr account. You upload all your pictures at once with a program called Flickr Uploader. This can act as your online photo album. Then, when you want to use a picture from this photo album, you just have to use the URL from the Flickr page, rather than uploading the pic right then and there. This is similar to showing pictures from the internet on your blog, which, from your past posts, is something you know how to do very well.

    Anyway, this is what I do, and it really helps on picture loading times and also keeps a nice compilation of all my pictures so I can refer people there instead of posting everything on my blogspot page.

  5. I have a mac, and we use camino for internet, which I am very satisified with. I have occasionally had a problem uploading pics to blogger too, though. I will say that camino has a great mechanism for keeping ads and pop-ups off my screen.

  6. All you have to do is save the image to your desktop first. I have had no problems once I figured that out.