This Little Miggy Stayed Home: To Molly

Monday, May 26, 2008

To Molly

I don't even know Molly. Somehow she found my blog and has left a few comments here and there.  Like most people who blog I thought it was great to have some new "company" and I enjoyed hearing from her.  She seems really sweet and fun, and we have a few things in common--namely being moms to adorable little girls.  Last week I was looking at an old post and for some reason I went directly to Molly's comment and clicked on her name to get to her blog.  I started crying almost immediately as I read that her precious daughter had an accident, was life flighted to the local children's hospital and was in serious condition.  Upon checking her blog again yesterday I learned that her daughter passed away.  She would turn 2 in June.  My heart sank for Molly and her family and more tears were shed.  When I first read about her daughter in the hospital I wanted to write something on my blog just so everyone could keep Molly's family in their prayers.  Every little prayer counts.  However we were out of town and I had no way to write that post.  I thought it would be strange to write about their family after their daughter had already passed away, as it seemed the time for praying had past as well... of course I realized I was wrong.  Maybe some of you actually know Molly, maybe not.  But from one mother to another I can't imagine anything so heartbreaking as losing your baby.  If you can offer a little prayer in your heart for Molly and her family I think that would be lovely.  Once when I was given a priesthood blessing I was told that I had some blessings in my life due to the prayers of others--I know that's true.  I believe in prayer and in it's power to heal--especially broken hearts. I hope that Molly and her family are able to find peace and solace in this difficult time.  I know that the immediate future will be painfully difficult, but I also know that families are forever and they will be united with their precious daughter again.  


  1. Wow. How tragic. I can't begin to imagine the pain she is going through right now. If you find out a way to contact Molly's family, let us know. A link, an email, an address. we would love to send some special heartfelt love her way.

    She and her family are in our prayers.

  2. I went back to your blog and found the link to hers and commented there. Wow. I am totally crying. I can't believe this. It is truly every parent's worst nightmare. I can't imagine having to live through that.

  3. Wow - I knew Molly. She and I lived a few houses apart from one another in our condos at BYU. We were in the same ward. I about died when I saw her face on the blog. My heart just aches for them. Thanks for sharing that. The more prayers, the better.

  4. I can't stop crying. I just read my friends blog who just had a miscarriage and now this. This is all of our worst nightmare. I wanted to leave a comment, but I just couldn't think of ANYTHING to say. I wish we could just put our kids in a bubble forever. I wish we could protect them and keep them safe.