This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Picture Time

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Picture Time

It's been a while since we've had some cute Beanie pictures. This is just a smattering of what's been going on in ours and Beanies little life. Enjoy.

Kisses for dada.

Eating by myself.

OK so this was really cute...when my family was visiting we went to Central Park. There was an old time-y band playing (think Oh Brother, Where Art Thou) and Beanie loved it. She stood in front dancing for about 10 minutes. I think they took a liking to her...

Eating our huge sandwiches at the world famous Carnegie Deli.

My Fam on the Brooklyn Bridge.

With Aunt 'Shellie

Her favorite thing to do...cuddling up to stuff.

The End.


  1. oh man. She is ADORABLE.

    Also i meant to tell you, that pinwheel sweater you are wanting from anthropologie is probably my most favorite thing i own...most favorite thing about it? the price. employee discount on that sweater is 60% off. Thats basically free.

  2. So cute! She looks so much like you! Side note - Lucy has an outfit from that lemon collection, and Brady has her shoes. We've got good taste, you and me. :)

  3. Oh MAN! Shauna 60% off? Is that regular employee discount? Cuz yeah, that's practically free.

    Britty--of course we have impeccable taste.

  4. What a doll!

    Guille has those shoes too. I love that they are gender neutral like that.

  5. every month and a half they give the employees 60% off of like 6 items in the store, the regular is just 40% off of apparel.

    Anyway yes, its 60% off. Maybe have your husband stalk down a nice employee to buy you one? Im in vegas and havent seen you in like 5 years but if you want i can get you one and ship it your way.

  6. too cute. she's a chip off both the ole' blocks.

  7. Sorry, I have no fashion commentary as I am fashion challenged. But she is so cute! Does this mean she is warming up to strangers more? Sonja is going in the opposite direction.

  8. Shauna--You are too nice! Thanks for the offer, but I'll probably just wait for it to go on sale. :) or not...


    Ellen--It some situations she's fine, in others shes clinging to me for dear life. still can't figure her out...

  9. super cute pictures! that little lady is growing up so fast!

  10. Those pictures made my day.