This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Nothing and Everything

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nothing and Everything

OK so I'm sure many of you think I've forgotten about my little name-my-blog contest, well I haven't....I just didn't have a lot of time to make a new banner but it's in the works.  AND our new computer is working now!  Yay!  We just had to reinstall Mac OS for some reason, but it's been working great--meaning I can upload photos to blogger.  What a relief.  

Also, we were in DC last weekend with Bracken's parents for the long weekend.  We had a lot of fun, so I'll post some pictures of that soon.  

And I bought some fabric to start making a second play tent.  I'm excited but it's also quite an undertaking so we'll see how fast it comes.  I'm glad so many of you liked it and said things like "I would totally buy that!"  So I have a question...would you buy something like that for $200?  That's about the pricing level I'm thinking.  Any feedback on this would be great.  

Last night I started Season 2 of Gilmore Girls...I'm pretty sure my whole life is going to be on hold until I get through this season.  I don't mean season as in "season 2" but season as in "season of my life"... there are many seasons in ones life and I just happen to be in my GG phase, or season.   

Welp.  I think that about sums it up...


  1. If your attention to detail is as careful as on the nursing cover you made (so beautiful - thank you!), I think $200 is reasonable. I don't think I would pay that much right now in my life, but I might be tempted. Your target audience probably would. I guess it depends on how large is it too. I would look for mass-produced kiddie tents of similar size to make sure you are charging more since they are much more charming. You may get so many orders you have to hire B as an assistant :). And then you can up the price!
    Bean sure is a lucky girl to have such a creative mom.

  2. It totally depends on your audience.

    I couldn't pay that much. plus I am the creative type and would probably try to make it myself. Just being honest.

    If you want me to hook you up with the info on how to sell on I can. That could be a great place for you. Totally funky style and quality goods.

    Etsy is a hard place to sell. It's pretty nuts in there and unless you do some of your own grass roots advertising you will have a really hard time making a sale because there are like 150,000 sellers in there.

    I am also sure you could find some swanky boutiques in your area that would dig something like that. People in YOUR city could pay for $200 for a play tent.

    Miggy's Circus Tents for the Stars.

    If you wanted to keep prices down for not so well off customers you could look into buying thrifted retro sheets to use instead of expensive yardage. Just a thought.

    The tent you made though, is totally worth that price.

  3. Ellen and Likely--Thanks for your 2 cents. I appreciate the honesty. I think my target demographic would not be young families on a student budget or talented moms who could do it themselves for cheaper...but like you said SOMEONE would probably go for it. (Those moms who shop exclusively at Crew Cuts or Janie and Jack perhaps). Honestly, I'm not looking to start a business and I'll probably only make them 1 at a time to see how it goes but I figured it's worth a shot if through word of mouth I get enough interest to make even 1 or 2.

    Thanks again!