This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Brown Cow Yogurt

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brown Cow Yogurt

Listen if you don't know about Brown Cow yogurt consider this your public service announcement. You should buy Brown Cow Yogurt. And then eat it. I'm not sure what else to say other than I just really like this yogurt and I think you will too. Even Beanie likes it! She eats this stuff by the spoonfuls. Oh and it's important to note that you should buy the "cream top" yogurt...that's what makes it extra yummy (and fattening). And there are other yogurt brands with a picture of a brown cow on it--not the same thing. The name of the yogurt is Brown be careful. Not every grocery store has it (of course) but you can go here and check to see if your local stores carry it. Trust me on this one...I don't think you'll be disappointed. Vanilla and maple are my fav's.


  1. Hi again. I don't comment a lot, but love reading your blog.

    This is random, but I have two tickets to the Swell Season concert (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - they won the Academy Award for best song for the movie Once) I bought them for my husband and my anniversary, but he has to work and we can't make it. Do you know anyone who would want to buy the tickets? They are good seats - 1st mezzanine, row H, seats 103 and 104 at Radio City Music Hall on May 19th.

    I am so sad to miss this concert, it is a sold out show and I am sure it will be amazing. I know that you live in New York and like cool music and probably have cool friends - someone you know might want to buy them. I can overnight the tickets to them so that they get them right away. The price is 120 for 2. That is exactly what I paid.

    Thanks so much. Sorry if this is an inappropriate place to ask a request. I am just trying to reach out to anyone I know in NYC.

    Thanks again. Anna - - just have them email me about details

  2. I'm a believer!!

    I wrote them several years ago (before they were acquired by Stonyfield) to tell them how much I loved their yogurts. They sent me 20 bucks worth of coupons! I was in free Brown Cow for weeks!

    Vanilla is delicious, but chocolate is right up there. Apricot Mango is also tasty.

    We love, love, love Brown Cow; it's how yogurt is supposed to taste.