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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Becoming Jane

I watched this movie this past weekend and if you're a Jane Austin fan I think you'd like this movie as well. I can't really claim to be a Jane Austin fan since I have yet to complete one of her books, but I thoroughly enjoy all the movies based on her books. However, this movie is not based on one of her novels, but is about Jane Austin herself...sort of a rough biography. It claims to be "historical fiction" but from what I have read there is a lot of truth to the relationship showcased in the movie. Since most of her movies, I mean books, deal with romantic relationships this is sort of to show us where she drew her inspiration from to write such lovely novels. The movie is based on a book Becoming Jane Austin by Jon Spence and apparently he based his book on actual letters from Jane to her sister. Anyway, you may want to check it's a lovely and somewhat sad, yet sweet movie. OH and I don't usually like Anne Hathaway, but she was delightful and didn't annoy me at all.

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