This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Tech Support

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tech Support

I'm in serious need of some serious tech support. Within one week both my ipod and my phone have died. And lets not forget my computer which died a few months ago. My ipod was first. It was another testament to the serendipitous timing of our move. See in addition to wearing earplugs at night as a means to drown out any and all baby sounds, I was also putting my earphones on top of the ear plugs while playing ocean sounds through out the night. You could say I was getting desperate. The day after our move my ipod died. Coincidence? I think not. I don't have any good story to explain the death of my phone, but like all tragedies it was very sudden and unexpected. I do wish to tell my friends and family that I don't know when I'll get a replacement and in the meantime the best way to contact me is email. Except on Wednesdays when B takes the computer to class, then I won't be able to check my email then either. Sigh. Then I will be left in a technology void with no contact with the outside world...unless I actually GO to the outside world.

However this dilemma seems to be solvable with just one device. Could it be time for an iphone?


  1. u should do it. u would love it!

  2. But then you put all your eggs in one basket and if it breaks, you again have no music or phone. It's a dilemma! Would you hack into it to pick a different carrier than AT&T?

  3. I have been asking myself the same question....

  4. Oh Ellen! Quit being the voice of reason! Just tell me what I want to hear...that blowing my money on an expensive and trendy (yet reliable from what I hear) phone is the smart way to go. :)