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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Name Our Blog

Here's the deal...our blog needs a new name. Webbsite was just a short term thing that accidentally stuck. I don't love it and I'm not super attached to it (sorry babe). I'd love something clever and fitting...not too obvious, but not too obscure...fresh yet timely. So I'm holding a CONTEST...that's right a Name Our Blog Contest. Please enter your ideas in the comments section. The winner will win (drum roll).... SoMeThInG! Yes that's right, something! In fact you will get a choice...something along the baked goods/homemade stuffed animal/nursing cover line...whatever our clever winner is needing in their life. So put on your clever cap and get to thinking! Actually hold that thought...let's be honest (seriously just be honest)...there's a large possibility that I only get like 2 entries and I don't love either of them. If that is the case the contest is null and void, OK? Please don't be offended if that happens, but lets just get it out there ahead of time so if this happens we were all prepared. OK clever caps back on aaaaannnnddd THINK!

I've posted some pics of some of my homemade lovelies so you can at lest see what the possibilities are.

baby booties

Stuffed lamb and quilt (although I'm sorry, I will not be making a quilt for the winner).

Nursing cover

Good Luck!


  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Hmmm... I kind of liked "We Are the Raddest" a lot. Somewhat offensive, because I always thought I was the raddest, but I got over it.

  2. What about "The Rookie New Yorkers". This is a lot of pressure. No one has dared think of a new name yet. Take it or leave it, but I do want a cute stuffed lamb so I am giving it a shot.

  3. Let me first say that I came up with several new blog names that were immediately vetoed. So here are a few more (although I have no idea what I'd do with a nursing cover and I'm probably not even eligible since I'm living with the judge and I probably have a say in the final decision--probably):

    "The Blog that used to be our Family's but got hijacked by its Mother"


    "Gee Tees (Good Times)"

    "The Who's Funnier Contest"

    Those are just a few. I may bring more to the table. Stay tuned.

  4. Ok so I went a little crazy on the Bean theme, I just love how you call her that. Here are my ideas:

    "Me, B & the Bean"

    "Beanie Knows Best"

    "Beanie Meets Blog"

    "Spillin' the Beans"

    and lastly, just for some NKOTB lovin'...

    "Oh oh oooh, oh oh oh oh, The WRITE Stuff"


  5. How about NERD ALERT.

    just kidding, but I would do it.

    Because you have wearetheraddest as your url things should maybe be looking that direction eh?

    How about,
    The Rad Contest
    Count Radcula
    Raduation (and underneath that you can say, "we've obviously graduted")
    Rad Light, Green light ( I like this one)
    Little Rad Riding Hood

    Or how about something else you would have said when you were a kid like

    one two three not it!
    thought you had a friend.
    Ready, Freddy
    Your the boss, applesauce

    Or what about:
    Miggy Explains it all (know the reference?)
    Miggy knows best
    Miggy Beans (I actually think this is cute - I guess you should fit B in there too though)
    This little Miggy went to the market
    this little Miggy stayed home (because you DO stay home with the BEan)

    Okay, seriously, what am I doing. I need to get to bed. Once my creative juices start aflowin', there's no stopping me.

    night night.

    Wish I was sleeping with a stuffed lamb-y.

  6. that should have read "We've obviously graduated. not graduted

  7. I wish I could come up with something clever - though I think it fall into the category of null and void. And if you look at the title of my blog - I should be the one asking for new titles.

    Love the little stuffed animal. I've also taken to making those nursing covers - they are so easy and so much cheaper than buying the real thing!

  8. Anonymous10:53 PM

    nit asked me to read your blog to her, then she started coming up with names for your here are some names from a 5 yr. old mind (or as she would be sure to say, 5 1/2). As for me, I'm lacking in the creative department(obviously my blog title needs help) so I can't help you out. :)
    Silly Stories of Each
    Cooked Healthy (what???)
    The Monster at the end of this Blog
    (she thinks that book is hilarious)

  9. Amber--those made me laugh really hard actually.

  10. Erin's right... This is a lot of pressure! Here are my contributions:

    1) Urban Musings
    2) An Ex-Ballboy and his Team
    3) This Blog Is Like an Angel (we loved Dan In Real Life too!)

  11. Thought of two more...

    Us in Real Life
    The Song in My Head

    Good luck!