This Little Miggy Stayed Home: A Master

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Master

So yesterday was rainy all day. Luckily B had the day off, so we decided to head to the local mall. Upon pulling up to the Nordstrom's entrance we noticed a black Rolls Royce sitting there. Not in a parking stall, but sitting by the entrance. The man who appeared to be the chauffeur was standing by the entrance with black umbrella in hand waiting for the owner of said Rolls Royce. I'm making some presumptions about the man being the chauffeur, but it seemed pretty obvious. As we parked our humble little car and walked towards the entrance (and thus towards the Rolls) the license plate caught my eye. It simply said (ahem) "A Master." Wow. WOOOOWW. I didn't realize we were in the presence of A Master, or rather in the presence of A Master's car. To be fair, it could have been the car of Mr. Andrew Master (or Augustus Master...that sounds more Rolls Royce-y). But most likely it was someone who was not appeased simply by the fact the he (or she) owned a Rolls Royce, no no...they had to take it one step further and proclaim themselves A MASTER. Oh I am dying to know what they are the Master of! Master of the Universe? (He-Man is that you?) Master Blaster? There are very few people who could get away with that car and license plate and frankly most of them are dead. Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Galileo, Aristotle.... if it were one of them driving around in a Rolls Royce and A Master license plate I could go for it, but other than that...I'm sorry I just want to giggle. Well we didn't stick around to see who A Master was, but please be on the never know when you might be in the presence of A Master! (cue dramatic cinema music).


  1. Bridge? Chinese checkers? Curling? Shuffleboarding? Something not quite cool enough to stand on its own if he needed a license plate to advertise it. I bet you his gold necklace matches his plates.

  2. A Master11:01 PM

    Actually... I am a master of disguise.

    I was disguised as a chauffeur that time.

  3. FYI, I was on the NYDOT website doing my monthly parking ticket settlement, and I searched the "A MASTER" Plate just for kicks. It was reassuring to see that a master doesn't have any outstanding parking violations.

  4. Ellen--Yes! Definitely Chinese checkers.

    A Master--Wow, good to see you again...thanks for stopping by.

    Turbo I appreciate the research.