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Friday, April 18, 2008

Blogy Blog blog

Remember I have family in that means I'm not going to blog much, right? I'm just making sure you remember....

BUT you should definitely hop on over to my friends Britty's Blog and check out her awesome story involving the video below. Trust's a good one. So just to the video first, then click HERE to hear the rest of the story. Video, then story. The video alone is pretty funny.

Have a good weekend!

Your Pal,


  1. I like that shout-out, Miggs. I agree, it's a forward-worthy story. I just hope he doesn't come get me in my sleep, like my sister fears. Come on, someone who can dance like that has to be harmless, right?

    Have a fun weekend with the fam! Wish we were there, too.

  2. This is too much. I have seen that clip so many times on America's Funniest Home videos that I pretty much know the dance myself. AND when Jake and I were in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, we were eating a dinner at a restaurant and it was playing on the tv in the corner. It was the first time Jake had ever seen it, and it was just two weeks ago. Random!

  3. Britty--I'm glad you don't mind that I scooped you....(I'm not sure I used that newspaper terminology correctly).

    Reagan--No way...that's funny. Did you read the story on my friends blog?

  4. that was hilarious. i read the story too - that is nuts.

    when will it air on oprah again?? I have to go and check that out now.