This Little Miggy Stayed Home: I'm so ashamed

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I'm so ashamed

So I was trying to write a post about our trip but once again blogger is having some problems uploading pictures. So that's on hold for now. But while I'm here I have a confession of sorts. Yes, a shameful confession.

I don't like fast food. Part of my reasoning is snobbish, part of it is not. The non-snobbish part of me just doesn't have a strong hankering for fast food. I'm not a big hamburger gal. I don't CRAVE it. Even in high school when I was much less concerned with health I just wasn't into it--I don't dislike it per se, it's just not my thang. My food vices are along the chocolate/ice cream/sugarsugarsugar line. Now the snobbish part of me...well I read Fast Food Nation a number of years ago and I vowed I would never eat at a fast food restaurant again because of all the social injustice involved in the FF industry. Is that snobbish? Well in a morally superior sort of way it is. If a friend invited me for a quite bite outwardly I would say No thanks--I'm not really into fast food--which was true--but that moral superiority would creep up and I'd think...I can't even believe we're friends, don't you know how many illegal aliens were exploited and possibly even worked to DEATH in our modern day caste-slave system so you could enjoy your McRooster sandwich? Disgusting.

Now lets get to the point of my story...I haven't always been able to avoid FF, especially when traveling. This past road trip was no exception. But if I have to eat fast food, McDonalds has always been my last choice. To me they represent the worst of American culture--from their nasty food to their infuriating marketing tactics aimed at toddlers as young as 2 years old so that Ronald Mc-Friggin-Donald is more recognizable around the world than Santa Clause, Mickey Mouse and Dora combined. Nope--can't do McDonalds...except when I have to. (gulp) When I really, really have to. Sometimes there are just no other options, except those stupid golden arches. So we ate there. Twice. But that's not the shameful part. Here it comes...I liked the food. The soup was good. The Asian Chicken Salad was really good. They used real lettuce, I would even call them greens. I gobbled my food up and licked the plate clean. Shamefully of course. There is something wrong in the world when the best salad I've had in a while comes from McDonalds.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I think McDs has been making some sort of conscious effort to improve their reputation after that movie SuperSize Me rocked them.
    I have to say that I lovelovelove In-N-Out. Double double all the way, baby. With a shake. And fries. I can just feel my arteries clogging as I type this.

  2. I'm totally the same way! I used to occasionally frequent Wendy's and Carl's Jr. Then I watched Super Size Me years ago and I haven't gone since. It's not snobbishness as much as I'm now conditioned to feel nauseated every time I even pass by a ff restaurant (especially McDonald's). I bet the salads are great though - do they add a cup of sugar or something?
    The author of FF Nation did say In-N-Out was a good example of using local resources wisely and knowing where their cows come from, etc (can't remember exactly). For some reason the thought of going there or a non-chain burger joint doesn't make me want to hurl. McD's does have good strawberry shakes, though...dang.

  3. I'm with you 100%.

    However, McDs has HAD to make a change because of all the horrible publicity they got.

    Oh, right, Kendra covered it.

    If I'm going to eat fast food, I usually try to make it a mom and pop place.

  4. i got through stages of not liking FF. however, i have a huge weakness for Mc's chicken nuggets. after i had henry and i was in the hospital i made jared get me some. he bought a 20 piece and i almost ate the WHOLE thing (disclaimer: i hadn't been able to eat in like 2 days!). mostly i don't like ff because it makes me feel sick after. but salads in general at wendys are pretty good. i haven't had the asian chicken one at MCs. if i do get FF i usually get a salad or a grilled chicken something or other...unless i'm at Mc's....

  5. I was just like you until I tried the same exact thing, Asian Chicken Salad. Here' the thing, it's Newman's Own salad dressing that makes or breaks the salad and you can get it at grocery stores. I have it in my fridge right now. I wasn't subjected to fast food until I was pregnant, and then it was down hill.

  6. Exactly--McD's HAD to change their menu because of all the bad press... I take that as just another marketing tactic (obviously) and it's working (obviously).

    Mojo--Agreed--they have Newmans Own. How did they get Newman to agree to that? Doesn't seem like he would want his tree-hugging salad dressing at McD's.