This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Tag--I'm It.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Tag--I'm It.

I got tagged. Yes! I AM a real blogger...OK so I actually dig this tag because it's to list the first 10 songs that come up when your ipod is on shuffle. Here we go...

1. Pictures--The Jazz Jury (it's from the movie Swingers)
2. Wake Up--The Arcade Fire
3. Nothing BetterThe Postal Service (Hey not so bad so know a little ecclectic, nothing super embarrassing....)
4. I Am A Child of God--LDS Children's Choir (OK so maybe I lose some streed cred, but I'm down with the LDS CC).
5. You're time is Gonna Come--Led Zeppelin
6. Bring a Torch, Janette--Sufjan Stevens
7. Christmas Wrapping--The Waitresses (probably one of my favorite Christmas rock songs).
8. The Best Deceptions--Dashboard Confessional (This one could be mildly embarrassing, but I'll admit right here and now that I was a HUGE DC fan back in the day. I even have a picture with Chris Carrabba. But I'm not really ashamed...sure I was one of the few 24 year olds amongst all the 14 years screaming girls, but it's cool.)
9. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer--The Peter Pan Players (not sure what's up with the showing of Christmas music...)
10. For Your Love--Stevie Wonder.

OK that was a decent showing. I fell somewhat well represented. I'd like to tag Britty, Likely, and Liz.

Later skaters.


  1. But I said TIMES!!!!!!! REally, I think i'd rather look at my top ten most played than a shuffle. I know I will be embarrassed. David and I play that game - what's it called when it gives you random songs and you have to figure it out? Anyway, we play on road trips and we so happen to have an entire set of J.S lectures by Truman G MAdsen on there. It's funny when he hear him speak because we both yell out "TRUMAN G!!!!" instead of the song artist's name.

    No doubt if I do the shuffle there will be a Truman G in there.

  2. Tiff--no pressure! I was VERY tempting for me to skip one or two of those songs. And I'm down with Truman G! In fact if one of those comes up on your random list you should be will just make you seem like the intellectually spiritual giant you are. And I LOVE that game...mostly because I can kick B's trash in that game. :)