This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Odd and Ends

Monday, February 04, 2008

Odd and Ends

I think I'm the only person in the United States of America (definitely in New York) who didn't watch the Super Bowl. I'm just not into football...however, congrats to the local boys. I heard they did good.

Tonight as I was making some soup I dipped my finger in for a taste test and thought, that tasted weird...what was that? Oh, diaper rash ointment....right. (That is to say it was still on my finger from a recent application).

I'm so over TV right now. There is nothing on.

I'm bored...I need a new project.

There is something about the Food Network. Those people seem to have the best lives. I don't know what it is, but theres something about a person who gets to cook all day in a beautiful kitchen with quality ingredients and not a care in the world that makes me jealous. (Except for Emeril--he bugs). They have some of the perks of celebrity-dom without many of the downfalls--people know who they are but not in a frenzied I-just-saw-Brad-and-Angie-lets-mob-them kind of way. It seems like they get to travel a lot too. Traveling and eating...Sign me up.

I'm finally reading Freakonomics. It's OK.


  1. Scott and I didn't watch the Superbowl either for the same reason. Also, Emeril bugs me so bad. I can't believe they once gave him a sitcom (does anyone remember this?). I like everyone else okay. The Barefoot Contessa is the one that is the most in your face about her wealth. "Oh, here I am in my home in the Hamptons. My friend is outside designing my herb garden, so I'll make him some lunch from recipes I picked up on one of my many trips to France with my stockbroker husband." And all the parties she has with her snobby Hampton friends. No thanks. The other chefs seem more down to earth, somehow.

  2. I actually forgot that yesterday was the Super Bowl until I was flipping channels right at halftime for the "show" that was amazingly boring. Then, I went back to PBS (as always) for my Sunday Evening Masterpiece Theatre & British Detective shows :)

    I completely agree with ellen about Emeril (cad) and Barefoot Contessa (completely bugs).

    Although a little Stacey & Clinton is fun occasionally too.

    I'm sure Azu will log on and dispute this, but TV is absolutely boring these days.

    I'm working on quilts for the girls for their easter baskets. Does that inspire you any?

  3. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I also only watched the Tom Petty part of the Super Bowl...I am much more of a tennis fan than gross meaty football:) I must say, though, that I love the Barefoot Contessa...She is a self-made woman who learned to cook from a Julia Childs book, and her husband is a professor at Yale. Plus, they have been married for 40 years, so I like to see that. On the other hand, my ultimate annoyance is Giada with her huge head. Plus, she never makes anything that original or difficult, and I think that she is famous because of her grandfather!!! Hah! Hope that you have a good night!!
    love, Suz

  4. Anonymous10:09 PM

    what about a baby book? I am still working on Graham's, and have been for so long!! I just need something to avoid shopping!!

  5. Yes the Barefoot Contessa also bugs, but not for her in-your-face-wealth (I didn't even know half those facts) but just her overall tone and demeanor. Also, this may be snobbish, but if you're going to call yourself The Barefoot Contessa, methinks you should be a curvy goddess, with long black locks and mysterious green eyes, wearing flow-y dresses that fall slightly off one shoulder and (duh) actually barefoot. She does not fit the name.

    Tiff--YES! My other "channel of people I envy for their understated yet glamorous looking lives" is TLC. I wish we had that channel. I actually saw the return of Trading Spaces a few weeks ago...loved it.

    Suz--I LOVE Giada. I like that her recipes are easy--I can actually make that in 30 minutes! Plus she's got pretty good style...and while she's a little over the top, I do think she's likeable. Her and Paula Deen are my fav's...

  6. is it just me, or does anyone else think Rachael Ray should have been a softball coach instead of a cook?

    down with Emeril. Bam!!

  7. Rachael Ray sucks, b, I'm with you.

    Sorry, T, TV really does suck right now. My tube storage is at an all time low.

    I love Ina Garten. First of all, she didn't call herself that, she bought a food shop that was called The Barefoot Contessa and revamped the whole thing to include a catering and cafe-type operation. I completely respect her. She earned an MBA, was a budget analyst and wrote the nuclear energy budget and policy papers for the Ford and Carter administrations.

    So, yeah, I love Ina and her food.

  8. Anonymous7:59 AM

    yahoo!! Props to Ina!! I must also send props to my homegirl, Paula Dean!! She does rock, Miggy. I am with you there, even if we must differ on the Giada:) Another great one is Nigella Feasts! Let us not forget!

  9. Ames -Totally agree with your description of a Barefoot Contessa. I had always thought that the Barefoot Contessa was the chef Nigella Lawson.

    But I saw the cookbook of the actual BFC and realized my mistake. OR should I say it's a mistake that title isn't given to Nigella.

  10. I so wanted to be on the Food Network when I was younger. I still want to be, but Im not that good. Maybe Julia S. should be on there. I watch that channel ALL day long. Barefoot Contessa does bug, but she has some good recipes that I have stolen. I thought Freakonomics was OK. It bored me, surprised me, and kept my interest all at the same time. The name part was interesting though.