This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Wife Swap

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wife Swap

Did anyone see Wife Swap last night? We are not usual purveyors of this show, but it must have been our lucky night! This stuff is genius. A mom of a beauty pageant girl caked in make-up and lame outfits they consider "stylish" (top picture)was swapped with the mom of 3 girls who home school so they can push their feminist propaganda on them (bottom picture). This seems to be a typical recipe of the show--swap the moms of families who are considered polar opposites and see what happens. The conservative Christian family vs. the punk rock family, the hoity-toity city family vs. the county bumpkin farm family, the strict, neat and orderly family vs. the sloppy, unorganized, pirate family and so on. (Did I say we don't watch this very much?) The recipe is really no surprise. If I were going to be a participant on this show I would say something like "What is my family like? Our main goals and aspirations include ____. I bet we're going to get a mom who comes from a family with the opposite goals and aspirations." I would at least be prepared for it. That's sorta the idea of the show. So what I really LOVE about watching these train wrecks is how the families (especially the husbands) react when they are asked to live by rules that are usually very out of the norm. It's as if they had NO IDEA they would be asked to do such a thing. The father of the feminist family was appalled--APPALLED--when the new mom had the girls wearing makeup. He grabbed his daughters, claimed he was "through" and screeched out of the driveway with more gusto than I thought this guy was capable of. (He's the only man in a feminist sanctuary, I didn't really expect any macho moves on his part). Then the dad of the beauty pageant daughter--who is so spoiled she's not expected to do any homework/housework and even gets a present every single day of the year--is in an uproar when the new mom teaches his daughter to cook. How dare she! Both men refused to live by the new rules and claimed to be "done" with the show at least once. I love it! I don't know why any family signs up for this show, but I'm glad they do.


  1. Agent Smith1:04 AM

    The show is completely staged. There's no reality to it. The production company lies to participants (aka victims) to get them on the show. Victims have no idea of what they are in for. You may think that you know or that you can somehow control what is going to happen, but the production company is in full control. Besides, they're going to edit everything later anyway...and they do.

    You would not believe the depths they will stoop to in order to portray what they want. Families are told how to act, what to say, and what to do. Sometimes, you have to read from cue cards. If the scene doesn't turn out the way the producers want, they will re-film it or stage it to be the way they want it.

    I was part of an episode with a friend's family. The producers actually tried to split up the family! My advice to people is to quit watching this show and maybe it will go away. While the show itself isn't real, the damage it causes to its victims is very real.

  2. Oooh! We're getting the dirt!

  3. agent smith I believe it. . . I believe that the producers will do anything for a "good" show. I'm still not sold on the fact that the contestants don't know what they're signing up for, but I'm sure there are plenty of people around to stir the pot.

  4. this is scandalous!! i am going to immediately withdraw my audition tape.