This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Super Shopper

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Super Shopper

I know how to get things...Seriously, I'm like really good at it. What kind of things? Like, hard-to-get things. It's a gift. See the other day I was lamenting this dress I saw at Banana Republic a while ago. I knew I would want that dress as soon as it went on sale after the holidays. So as soon as the holidays were over I started searching BR's everywhere for my dress. Too late--it was gone. I checked the internet--they were out of my size. Oh well. So I tried to put it out of my mind...but it wouldn't go out of my mind. I really wanted this dress and I still had some Christmas and birthday money left over. (What was that? My birthday? Oh it was last week....yeah thanks but you missed it). So I hop on the internet to get the style number (this helps if you're calling stores for a specific item) but they were GONE from the web, thus no style number. Now here's where it gets tricky...I've got to start calling random Banana Republic stores in the U.S. to try to find this dress, but I've got no style number AND all the BR stores I've been to are out of this there's a good chance most stores won't carry this hot little number anymore....dilemma. So I decided that I couldn't call stores in NYC--this dress is too hot and was probably sold out weeks ago. I tried to think of places that this dress would still be in the stores. Arizona. Definitely Arizona. I called 2 stores in Arizona--armed with nothing but a vague description and a charming voice--and the second one had the dress in my size. Jack pot. Like I said, I'm good at getting things.


  1. seriously, i need to know which dress. i was craving this sequin number, but i looked last night and they were OUT of my size online. very traumatic. i did however manage to snatch up an amazing Jackie O black dress and a little red number. for some reason, they just had great dresses this past season. so, which one??!! :)

  2. I'm very, very impressed. But hey, I'm from AZ. What are you saying about our sense of style?
    J/K it's all probably true. If I need to acquire a rare item, I will definitely seek your advice. I hope you have learned to make money off this skill and perseverance.

  3. Tiff--no it wasn't a sequin was a bright blue with cap sleeves and pleats around the neckline.

    ellen--sorry, but there's just something about AZ. And no I haven't learned to MAKE money off this skill, just how to spend it.

  4. post a pic of the dress asap!

    also, happy birthday! and you looked REALLY cute in church on sunday...were those b-day clothes I noticed?

    p.s. my parents moved to Little Rock, AR about 4 years ago...for the future, their BR store ROCKS if you know what I mean. hahaha.

  5. let's see this dress!! they were able to sell it to you over the phone and mail it? sweet

  6. That's the best feeling, to research and make something happen.

    Monday I had an online shopping triumph. Some crafty lady on ebay outbid me on a pair of boots at the last second, for $108. Turns out I found the same boots at Plow & Hearth on sale, grand total, $89. Awesome.

  7. Liz--Oh's called a charge send. They just run your credit card over the phone and get your address--it's just like calling in a catalog order. When I was looking for my bedding (once again I waited too long) I called Anthropologie online and while they didn't have the item anymore they could tell me which stores did (that's where the style number comes in handy) I believe I got my bedding from 3 different stores. I'll post a pic when i get the dress.

    Broek-- nice score! Always good when you get them cheaper.

  8. It feels so good to be successful like that. I am also good at getting things, but I have also lucked into finding them in random places at a much cheaper price. And, I have to defend Arkansas, but only the Northwest corner, where I live: Fayetteville.