This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Mormons. They're Everywhere.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mormons. They're Everywhere.

Watch never know where they're lurking. The person in line at the grocery store, that nice family across the street, your dentist...they all might be Mormons. They're everywhere! I know, shocking. With the attention of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign and the well known fact of his Mormon background it seems that I can't go anywhere (on the internet) with out reading the latest Mormon expose..."Mormons living in New York!" (Sorry, I kinda stole that from Briggy). I don't know what my thoughts are on all these articles really--I don't mind the attention necessarily--but it seems that as intrigued as people are with our religion, I'm equally intrigued with how they view our religion. Before I read a Mormon article, I'm always saying to myself "OK let's see what they got wrong this time." Why is this? Why does it seem like no one ever quite gets it all right...are we so tough to figure out? Perhaps. There are other religions that seem just as strange and full of mystery but they're usually centered around some country where the people are considered exotic and the strange customs are centuries old... Are we just too white and too new to be taken seriously? C'mon...Utah's exotic. What is it about Mormons?


  1. Possibly too white, definitely too recent. Stephen seeing God and Jesus in a vision - fine. Joseph Smith seeing God and Jesus in a vision - not in America and not in the 1800s, thank you very much.

  2. Well, I can certainly relate! If I only had a dime for every time someone asks me, "So you don't believe in Jesus?" I would be a very rich woman

    Perhaps people do not know a lot about Mormonism because it is such a recent religion, but I am a member of arguably THE oldest religion-the one from which Christianity spawned- and still, intelligent, educated adults know nothing about the most basic Jewish beliefs.

    It would seem that such a public figure would encourage people to learn more about your fair religion. Perhaps the world will become less ignorant about your beliefs? Don’t hold your breath. We Jews have more famous members than any other group of people (including Mr. JC himself) but this does not spark curiosity among the masses.

    And for the record, yes, I believe that Jesus existed, no, I do not believe he was the son of g-d.

  3. I have to state the obvious: People don't understand it because they don't want to necessarily. It's just something else to talk about. And, since it's true, of course there will be opposition to confuse.

  4. Missa--yes I'm sure you can relate. For some reason I always felt that Jews and Mormons made good friends (I consider our relationship a testament to that). Let me ask you, do you still (meaning in this day and age) get comments that you would consider Anti-Semitic? Often times I feel like we are criticized in such a way that I think it would be considered bigoted/prejudiced if we were another religion, but for some reason because we're a newer religion people don't feel as if they're being intolerant. I'm curious if you still get straight up Anti-Semitic comments because than maybe I can just chalk it up to general ignorance and not feel as if we're singled out.