This Little Miggy Stayed Home: GOP Debates

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

GOP Debates

Let's talk politics. Not because I'm particularly versed in the subject, but on the contrary...I want to hear opinions from some of you who I consider to be politically smart and up-to-speed on the issues of the day. Let's begin. I consider myself a Republicrat. I can commit myself to neither party entirely since I agree and disagree with ideas from both sides. Unfortunately, at least for this election, I seem to be slipping toward the Republican side a little more--at least for this election. Why unfortunately? Democrats are just so much cooler, so much more edgy...Republicans are conservative prudes. I'm still not 100% republican, just leaning that way a little more. So I watched the GOP debates a few nights ago (but didn't really stick around for the Democratic debates)...and here's my take.

First, let me just say I love the way Fred Thompson just sorta sat back with his arms folded and just chilled. He seemed so he was having dinner at his mothers house and the subject of POLITICS just happened to come up and he threw in his 2 cents every now and then. Rather refreshing. I really don't have a strong opinion on the man and don't know his political agenda, but I just liked his demeanor. Also, another side note, Ron Paul...I sorta like the guy. (This being the first time I've ever seen him, heard his views, etc). I felt bad when they all jumped on his case for his ridiculous views on radical Islam (the poor guy way off) but I sorta dig some of his other ideas. I'm not going to get into it, but the wacky side of me dig the wackiness of him.

Here's what I really want to talk about. Mitt. Brother Romney, if you will. Being a Mormon I'm interested in the guy. I want to know what he has to say and what his views are. And there's a part of me that wants to like him enough to vote for him...not just because he's Mormon, but because I really believe he could be a good, maybe even great President of the USA. But I have to say I think he lost his cool last night. I think he came out with both fists swinging and it wasn't pretty. (I'm realizing there is just way too much to say and I'm not going to get it all out in this post). I think he could have gotten his points across without being so forceful and so quick to get every word in edgewise. At one point when Mitt and McCain were going back and forth on immigration, Huckabee just sat back and let them go at it. Then when asked about his views Huckabee pretty much said what Romney said, he just said it a lot better. Any thoughts? I guess I feel like he may have lost it with his over eager, heavy handed approach.


  1. Oi vey, politics. I watched the debates too. In fact I've been glued to the TV for the past week or so.

    I agree, Ron Paul is refreshing. Probably because the rest of the candidates sound like broken records. But he's a little too extreme for me. Fred Thompson cracks me up too. He knows he's not going to win, so the debates are just a silly game for him.

    Then Mitt Mitt Mitt. He's so polished and articulate. And Mormon! Imagine that! But I don't know if I'll vote for him. (I'm pretty moderate like yourself but I swing to the left more.) He did lose his cool in the Saturday debates but I don't blame him. Tag team McCain & Huckabee have been pretty vicious to the guy (and he has definitely returned the favor). He's had to be on his toes defensively for months now. I like a man with convictions, but you're right, the heavy-handed approach made him seem to eager and anxious. But it also made Huckabee look like an idiot too.

    He was way better on the Fox News debate Sunday night, did you catch that one? I think it's easy to make judgments on politicians in the first 5 minutes of a debate, but it will take a lot longer than that for me to make my final decision.

    Looks alone though (which a lot of people base decisions on) it'd be Romney vs. Obama 2008. : )

  2. I didn't watch the debates. For me they don't really communicate who the candidates are - it's just all acting and posturing. And it stresses me out!
    I also am not loyal to one party or the other. But if Huckabee gets the nomination, there is NO WAY I am voting for him (sorry Chuck Norris). It really depends who the final two are for me.

  3. Mitt all the way! I didn't get to see the debates because we didn't have our TV or internet hooked up until about 5 minutes ago, so I hope he didn't do too poorly. I hope he can pull it off.

  4. I didn't watch the debates, but I am not really digging how mean Huckabee has been to poor Mitt. Ken Jennings wrote a pretty interesting op ed for the NY Daily News about whether it is good or bad for a religion such as ours to have a candidate running...interesting stuff. I'm going to tell Paul I commented on something political. He'll be so proud!

  5. Kate--Yeah I know they've been mean to Mitt...I don't agree with their style (they take jabs like high school girls) but I can see where they're coming from. Mitt has changed his stance on some very key issues--I'm fine with a candidate who, with enlightened perspective changes their mind (don't we all?), but being a Mormon I'm confused how he could ever take the stance he did on abortion--even if he was personally against it--that's one of the few things the Church asks us to speak up about politically. So it really does seem like he changed stances for voter appeal. I still think he's very smart and has some great qualifications for Prez, but that whole thing troubles me. But if it were looks alone--he'd win by a landslide. I didn't watch the Fox News debate--too bad.

    Ellen--I agree, the debates aren't the best base of judgment, but they do give you a good snapshop of the candidates and their issues. If you don't want to read up on everyone and every issue then the debates could be crucial. I really don't know Huckabee that well, but it seems like everyone I know dislikes the fellow.

    Britt--Can I ask you a question? If you weren't Mormon would you still love Mitt so much? Honestly. I think he's a great guy, but as much as people shouldn't NOT vote for him because of his religion I don't think we SHOULD vote for him because of his religion. (I'm just playing devil's advocate here...I think he's a great candidate, but if I'm being totally objective there are some things that I question).

    Andrea--I would like to see that article...There was also an interesting article in the NY Times about was well written I thought and overall I really liked it.

  6. As a Mormon, you might be interested in this:
    Ron Paul Vindicated by Ezra Taft Benson

  7. Yeah, I don't like the extrapolation of Benson to Ron Paul. I know why people feel that way, but I also know that Benson was scolded privately for some of his beliefs as a general authority--even being removed to become Area Authority in Europe to get him away from the Birch Society.

    If you compare his G.A. stuff to his thoughts as prophet, you will notice a real reduction in the stridency of his political thoughts (for good reason.)

  8. I like your idea of Republicrat. Me, too.

    I don't know where I'm leaning yet, but I heard an interview with Fred Thompson today and I liked what I heard. I liked his wife, too. Because having a good first lady is important.

  9. Azucar--In the Bio I read about Pres. Benson he always asked President McKay if he was going over the top or if he was OK to continue in his political, or "patriotic" addresses in General conference. Of course my bio was of the Deseret Book variety, so it might have only given the sunshiney version of everything. And yes he definitely toned down his patriotic speeches when he was prophet.

    CW--Yeah I don't know that much about Thompson, I just think his couldn't-care-less attitude during the debates was hilarious, if not refreshing.

  10. Miggayy...well, to answer you question the best I can, I can't really say if I would vote for Mitt if I weren't LDS. I feel that it is because we are both LDS that I am so very fond of him, because we have similar interests. I love that he is bringing the family into politics in a way that no other candidate has. When he first announced his run, I was interested, but I really only knew him in association with the Olympics. I then researched him quite a bit and became a huge fan. I love the blog his 5 sons put together - they seem like average guys you'd have in your ward. I feel like he is someone I can relate to, which isn't common in politics. About the abortion thing, I agree with you that it's quite diappointing. I can't understand his reasoning for ever supporting pro-choice. At least he realized his mistake before acting on that stance once in office.

    In summary, I love his focus on the family, his health care success, his AMAZING management skills, his ability to create a standout team and organization, his business know-how. He's also been a bishop and stake president, which I think is cool. I believe he could really make some good changes.