This Little Miggy Stayed Home: All Through the Night

Friday, January 04, 2008

All Through the Night

I know I alluded to it during Christmas when I said the bean was sleeping better than ever...but I didn't want to jinx it and say too much. Now I just don't care. . . the bean slept all through the night twice (that's 2 times) during Christmas break. I'm talking 12 hours. From 6:30-6:30. Twa. Elve. Hours. I didn't expect her to pull out that card on vacation...our sleeping record on vacation hasn't been stellar. Than, last night (which really was 3 nights ago) she slept from (drum roll please) 6:30-7:00! 12 and 1/2 hours!

*If I would have posted this 3 days ago when I originally wrote it, this post would have been pretty awseome. However, since then the bean has been a little sick and is no longer sleeping all that well. So I'm not expecting any 12 hour nights anytime soon, but at least we know it's possible.


  1. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Wow!!! What an amazing bean:) I hope that G. didn't get her sick, because he has had the pukes for 2 days (hence my inability to do anything fun all weekend...btw. Happy Birthday to you!!!)
    Hope she gets better soon and back to good sleeping:)
    love, Suzy

  2. Ahhhh...gotta love that. Sofia sleeps through the night, but I dont :) I still wake up like 3 times a night to check her and put the blankets back on. I need to take a break. I need to sleep through the night. I thought I better stay on this schedule so I can cruise through #2 (no im not pregnant). Cant wait to see the new blog! Hope she is feeling better.

  3. congrats. that's stellar!!