This Little Miggy Stayed Home: *Updates*

Sunday, December 09, 2007


I have posted about somethings in the past that have sorta left you hanging. I bet some of you are thinking "Did Migs ever find a pair of jeans?" Or "Whatever happened to that quilt she claims to have started?" Sit right back folks and learn the answer to these quandaries and many more. (cue jingle music)...

It's Up DaTe TiMe!!!!!

Lets begin with the jeans. I found some jeans and I have you, fashion savvy readers, to thank for it. I followed Tawni's advice and went to TJ Maxx. Good call Tawni. Who knew? They have a great selection of designer jeans for way cheap. I tried on many recommended brands--Paige, Joe's, Paper Denim.... but in the end I went with the Sevens. I always sorta prided myself on the fact that I have never owned a pair of Sevens (the it jeans of 2003) but I couldn't deny it. They fit like a glove... a glove that I put on my legs and button at the waist. Glove-jeans. Jean-gloves. . . they fit like jean-gloves. The moment I put them on I just knew they were the jeans for me.

Next, the quilt.

Yes the quilt I started back in August--it looks a little like the picture above (but in lavender and plum colors). I'm considerably far along. I'm to the actual "quilting" stage. Quite a lot goes into making a quilt before you actually "quilt." However, I'm too lazy to take any pictures and upload them and blah blah blah. I just want you to know I really did it and I'll let you know when it's done, OK?

What else? This American Life... remember that? Funny/interesting/informative radio show that you can listen to online? Well I once again took the advice of some peeps--namely Danny and Emily and Azucar--and I checked out Fiasco. I enjoyed it so much that I have listened to that show many, many times and I still laugh each time. (Well just the first act of that show). I now use it as a pick-me-up when I need a giggle. If you haven't had the chance you can listen to it here. I should tell you, it's not like stand-up comedy funny...I think my husband was expecting that kind of funny. It's a little different, but the fact that it's a true story should make you chuckle. Other recommended episodes include:

The Super

What else, what else... Oh my friend Tiffany at Likely Stories did a post about de-packratting her house. Basically, she decided to get rid of some stuff that she likes and send it to people who would like it even more. Brilliant idea right? Well I was pleased to find out that I was on her list of people she was going to send a de-packratting gift to--I'm not shy about accepting gifts. In fact if anyone else wants to send me a gift just lemme know. I can even tell you what to get me... but I digress--So I got my gift this week and it was AWESOME. Seriously I was jumping up and down. Part of it was receiving a gift, butan even bigger part of it was receiving a gift that was so ME. First there was a Wonder Years switch plate cover. Perfect. It looks a lot like this but it's a different Kevin and Winnie picture. If you remember, I LOVE The Wonder Years.

And the other perfect thing she sent me was a vintage looking apron from Denver. I collect aprons and I grew up in Denver. Two gifts in one basically. Seriously, I couldn't believe how fitting these gifts were. . . even my husband said, "Wow. I wish I could be that thoughtful." So thanks again Tiffany, it really made my week and it made me want to give more meaningful gifts.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm sick of typing.

Stay cool.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I now feel completely updated. I'm going to have to check out TJ Maxx!! Mama needs a new pair of jeans. Love the de-packratting idea. Awesome.

  2. The Super is a CRAZY episode! I love that one.

    I can't wait to see more of the quilt.

  3. jessica8:38 PM

    what TJ Maxx did you go to????

  4. Jess--the one in Edgewater.

  5. so glad you loved it. :)

  6. I'm glad you found some jeans! Why do jeans make us feel so freakin' good? I want to see the quilt! I would LOVE to do one, but I have no idea where to start. Hey, we would LOVE to see a picture in your hot jeans! ;)