This Little Miggy Stayed Home: 'Tis the Season

Friday, November 23, 2007

'Tis the Season

It's official . . . let the Christmas consumerism begin. I'm as guilty as the next mall rat so please don't read any snobbery into that statement. However, now that I'm a parent I really need to bring my A game. It's one thing to get my parents a last minute gift (mom could totally use an egg timer. . . totally) but if you don't score the right gifts for the kiddies, it's over. You will have ZERO parental clout. You better be a good girl, Santa's watching. Santa Schmanta. Like that joker ever got me anything good. . . But Since the babe is not yet a year old I think I have this one last year as a practice round before it really begins. I've been trolling the internet this evening for some cool Christmas toys and I happened to stumble on some cool stuff. Most of these toys aren't for the bean, but I thought some of you might enjoy them. Let me know if want more info, I didn't have the patience to post all the links.

Baby's First Laptop. Ok so I actually think this might be cute. It's really just for little babies. While I'm not totally into electronics and don't necessarily want to push my kids into computers before they have to use them, I just think it's got a lot of do-da's that might keep little hands busy for a while. (I guess it makes a bunch of sounds, like a computer starting up . . . whatever that is).

This golf cart rocker is for my brother. Not for his kids, no no . . . for him.

I love play kitchens and this mod/retro kitchen ranks at the top. However at over $300 I could redo my own kitchen so I don't think this will make it's way into our life anytime soon. (That and my baby wouldn't know the difference between this and a cardboard box).

This is for EMS. I hope you check my blog, cuz I immediately thought of you. Of course I'm sure your kids are riding the real thing by 2 years old, so I doubt this would be that cool. . . . but still, it's pretty sweet.

Finally all girls need a tea set. (Nevermind the fact that I didn't have one . . . . it's cool. I'm over it.) And I really like this modern little version. So cute and I think it's only $20.

Happy Christmas hunting.


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    You always seem to find the most unique, cute toys. Maybe you should do my Christmas shopping for me :) I'll ask B if he'd rather have the golf cart rocker or new shoes for Christmas-he he.

  2. So where do you get the laptop from. I'm on a hunt for soft interactive items.

  3. Mo--

    Word. Here's the link:

    If it didn't copy, just go to and search my first laptop.