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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good Movies

So we've been Neflix-in' it these days. It's been quite fun and I'm glad we joined the club. We've seen a lot of movies that we've always wanted to see but never got around to. And we've seen some movies we had never heard of before, but decided to watch, you know, fer fun! We've had mixed results with both camps. . . some movies that I've always wanted to watch were as good as I hoped they'd be . . . others were more lame than I could have imagined. So this post is 2 fold . . . first I'd like to list movies I'd recommend and movies I wouldn't recommend (I may include some commentary , so heads up for possible spoilers) and second I'd like to get some movie recommendations from you, faithful reader. So I'll start. Ahem . . .

Movies we'd recommend:

Stranger than Fiction--
Liked it better than I thought I would. This movie was billed as a comedy, but I would say it was more a drama with some funny stuff in it. Quirky love story. . . I liked it.

To Kill A Mockingbird--Loved it, loved it, loved it. I felt it was very true to the book and didn't leave me saying "the book was better." And hello? Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch? Dreamy.

Rocky Balboa--I'm putting this in because I think my husband liked it. I thought it was OK.

The Painted Veil--Good.

The Best Years of our Lives--
This is an old movie. I love old movies, but I know not everyone digs them like I do. Sometimes the dialog seems sorta cheesy and dated, and of course the story lines are often the classic Hollywood happy ending . . . but even if that's the case I like old movies. However, I have to say this movie does not seem dated to me and deals with problems that are as relevant today as they were in the 1940's. It's the story of 3 WWII vets returning home and trying to fit back in to their "normal" lives. Also, a point of interest, one of the main characters lost both of his hands during the war . . . well this was no special effect. The actor was a real WWII vet who actually lost his hands in the war. I'm not saying whether the ending is happy or not, but I'll tell you this, I didn't think it was a depressing movie. And my husband who claims not to like old movies, really liked this one as well.

The Apartment--Another old movie, but not quite as old as TBYOOL. It's good. . . a little mature and racy (adultery is a pretty big theme in the movie) but there's something about it that still grabbed me. I'm still bothered about all the adultery and how "normal" the movie makes it seem, but it was a good flick. I'm sorta conflicted now. . . anyway, it's your call.

The Italian--2006 Foreign Film. I liked it. Sad and hopeful and good all at the same time. It's a sweet little story about an Italian orphan. Tugs at the ol' heart strings. . .

The Purple Rose of Cairo--Wacky Woody Allen movie. Kinda wacky, then sorta punches you in the gut.

Papillon--This movie was interesting. (Also a bit older). It's the true story of an innocent French prisoner named Papillon . . . it's kinda long and goes a little slow at times, but overall we liked it. (Warning: There's some 'if-y' stuff in this movie like nudity, but since it's some "tribal people" I guess it's not supposed to seem so bad.)

The Color Purple--I've already talked about this. And I liked it.

Now . . .

The movies we didn't like:

Dreamgirls--Eh. It was OK. . . but if I had to put it on one of the lists it goes on this one. Yes Jennifer Hudson was good, but for me it just didn't live up to all the hype.

The Last Sin Eater--
Yikes. Hubby got this one and I still haven't let him live it down. The story line isn't actually all that bad, but it's the acting, the special effects and at times it's just plain weird. It's become a household joke.

An American in Paris--I wanted to like this movie SOOOOOO bad. It's Gene Kelly. It's an old movie. . . it's got dancing, music, dancing, romance, dancing and did I mention dancing? I'm sorry but this was just way too much dancing for me and I like dancing. A lot. But seriously there's only so much dancing you can take . . . especially when the movie pretty much ends with a 20+ minute dance number. I fast forwarded. Gene, you really let me down.

Send Me No Flowers--Yep, another oldie. It's Doris Day and Rock Hudson for crying out loud. . . and I still didn't like it. Too convoluted and just trying way too hard.

OK so that's my list. Now it's your turn. . . what are some movies that we absolutely NEED to watch? Old, new. Comedy, Drama. Serious, silly. Adult movie, kid movie. . . we like it all. However nothing dirty, no nudity/sex, and no crazy violence. OK, GO!

(I realize that may seem a bit hypocritical since several of the movies above deal with mature topics such as adultery, infidelity to some degree, incest and some even have nudity, but I'm hoping you see the difference in say "American Pie" and "The Color Purple." Thanks.)


  1. i LOVE to kill a mockingbird as well. and i second the "just as good as the book" motion.

    i know i'm biased...but if you like older stuff, check out "All the President's Men" about the Watergate scandal. i liked that one a lot.

    p.s. this post made me really want netflix. i can only watch so much mtv.

  2. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I don't know if you and B. enjoy Merchant Ivory productions, but I think that they are ever-so-classy and smart:) "A Room With A View" is stellar, and I am sure that you guys would love it, if you don't already (one good thing about period pieces is that you avoid so many of those violence/sex/horror themes that we may wish to avoid:). Also, "Dangerous Liasons" and "The Age of Innocence" are fabulous dramas, without any of the racy modern stuff. Have you guys seen "A Very Long Engagement"? It is French, but really lovely. I know that these are all period films, so I will add "The Hudsucker Proxy" and "Cold Comfort Farm" (BBC) to round things out:) These last 2 are personal favs of mine:) Happy movie watching!!!
    love, Suz
    P.S. These are all in my home library, if you want one sooner than later!!!

  3. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Oh, shoot! Those last 2 are also period films, now that I think about it! Poop. I guess all the modern movies that I like are full of vices!! AAHHH! Oh, well:)
    love, Suz

  4. So Matt just got this movie "NEXT" from the library. It has Nicholas Cage & Jessica Biel & Julianne Moore. It's a little bit of a hokey story line (about a man who can see 2 minutes into the future), but by the end I was actually kind of intrigued by how the whole movie went down... It's short (about 90 min), which is a new requirement of mine... maybe all this time with a preschooler has shortened my attention span??

  5. With Six You Get Eggroll
    Yours Mine Ours (the ORIGINAL)
    Bringing up Baby
    Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?
    I really love Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.
    Adam's Rib
    All About Eve
    Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
    All of the Hitchcocks, including Frenzy
    Cool Hand Luke
    If you've never seen Some Like it Hot...

    I could go on and on.

    Suz has some great taste, I love all her recs.

    American in Paris is so boring.

  6. I recently saw the movie "Sweet Land" and loved it. I think it's about real love, real passion. I really liked it.

  7. Anonymous11:54 AM

    OOHH, yeah! "Sweet Land" was wonderful! SO romantic!
    P.S. Thanks, Azucar:)

  8. Rocky Balboa? Sin Eater? You better think twice before you let Bracken select any more movies for your viewing pleasure. Are you guys going to be in UT during the holidays?

  9. Waaa! I've never seen An American in Paris, but Singin in the Rain is one of my favorites, so I desperately wanted to see it and love it.

    I've never seen the movie of To kill A Mockingbird, but I loved the book. Maybe I'll rent it this weekend.
    Thanks for the tips!

  10. We just watched an interesting movie last night called "Shattered Glass" -- I think you guys would like it.

    Have you guys heard anything about the ClearPlay DVD player? We are thinking about getting one since there are so many R rated movies we'd like to see...

  11. I love The Best Years of Our Lives. I love Dana Andrews. He is also in Laura, which is very good.
    I also love The Apartment. IMO Billy Wilder was saying while adultery is commonplace, it destroys people and families (eg, showing Fred MacMurray home at Christmas with his family while talking about his girlfriend). Girls feel so horrible about themselves that they let themselves be treated in that horrible, cliched way. To me, it was saying to women: you deserve better. Also challenging society to recognize the problem. Can you believe the same person wrote this, Some Like It Hot, Stalag 17, Sunset Boulevard, The Lost Weekend, Double Indemnity, Sabrina, and so many others I can't even remember. Wilder's my favorite.

  12. Thank you thank you all.

    "All the pres. men" that one I've actually wanted to see. I'll check it out.

    Suz--love Room with a View. . . will check out the others. Thanks! I knew you'd come through.

    Azucar--just another reason I admire you so much--I LOVE many of those movies. I didn't think anyone else in the whole world knew about "With 6 you get egg roll" although it's been a while. Love Pillow Talk (It's the Day/Hudson standard) and I love all Hitchcock, including Frenzy which is an adrenaline rush of a movie. I will check out the others though as many of them are on my mental "to see" list. Thanks!

    Kendra--Next. Got it. :)

    Arly and Suz--Sweetland, I'll check it out.

    Jill--I've seen Shattered Glass, and I liked it. I have interesting connections with this movie . . .

    Katie--Amen. Bracken is banned from future movie selections. And yes we will be in UT--we'd love to see you guys!

    JustRandi--I know. I Love SITR as well. Maybe you'll like An American in Paris, just be prepared for long dance numbers. And definitely get TKAM. It's great.

    Ellen--I realize that the Apt. didn't necessarily glorify adultery and he definitely shows the horrible effects it has on the women in the situation, but there is still a "everyone does it and it's only bad if you get caught" vibe, at least where the men are concerned. I know many film buffs LOVE Billy Wilder and I've seen a few of his flicks and yeah. . . he's good.