This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Forever in Blue Jeans

Monday, October 15, 2007

Forever in Blue Jeans

I need some help. I need new jeans. Here's my thing with jeans, you don't really go shopping for jeans, because if you are determined to go out and buy some jeans that very day, you will inevitably settle. Instead, you are always on the hunt and you just try on jeans whenever you're out shopping and one day when you least expect it you'll find the perfect pair. Like any great love, you just know. If you have to ask yourself more than once, it's not right. Just move on. Oh, and if you find the perfect pair on super good sale and don't buy them because you think your husband will be mad at you for spending extra money since you just bought a shirt last week . . . . well then you didn't deserve them anyway. I'm still kicking myself over that one. Anyway, my last love affair jeans are on their way out. (I bought 2 pair). And they've served me well, I've had them for years. However, I can't find the brand anywhere . . . they're Louie's (once found at Anthropologie). I've googled and I've googled, but they're no where to be found. So I'm asking you, dear readers, what are your favorite jeans? Have you ever bought jeans on line, if so how did that work out? Thank ya.


  1. If you're wanting to shop online you might want to try this site:

    You enter in your measurements and it factors in your body type, preferences, etc.

    I don't necessarily have any good advice beyond that--except that I've found that designer jeans are worth the extra cash 'cause they hold their fit better and last longer.

    I hesitate to give specific brand/style recommendations as you and I have very different body types. I've got a little more, ahem, junk in the trunk...

    Good luck.

  2. I also like Zafu. I tried them to see if one of my favorite jeans came up as an option for my body and they did.

  3. My fave brand is Joe's. I tried some on at the Garment District, and found them for a bit of a Bargain on Ebay! They were perfect, I feel really lucky. they were still a fortune, but good jeans are worth it. Joes Joes Joes.

    Although you can prob get away with a lot more than I as you are longer and leaner, with less to "camouflage"

  4. i love sevens (classic, but still great) and paper, denim & cloth (so comfy). citizens are pretty good too. just like sevens. but they stretch out a bit, so you have to go a size down.

    but yeah, we have very different body types. so i'm not sure if those will work for you. i think you should check out paper, dedim & cloth. they are harder to find, though.

  5. i can totally relate to the jean searching quandary. i've wanted a new pair for 6 months or so and randomly found them at a jcrew outlet in maine this weekend. like you said, i wasn't actively searching for them at all. it sort of happened.

    however, i can't relate to your situation since you have the longest legs ever. my friend that's 6'2" loves rock n' republic jeans, but she also still has daddy's credit card. haha.

    IT! jeans sold at nordstrom are a great deal and fit curvy girls well...which, does not apply to you. haha.

    i've also had great luck with joes. and i love seven for all mankind because i seem to fit into a size lower than usual in their jeans.

    also...try to stop in loehmanns or century 21 because they always have a good selection of designer jeans for half off.

    if you need a shopping buddy, i'm available, just don't tell cam.

  6. I'm going to second Caroline and say Citizens of Humanity. They do stretch, but they fit so well and I love the wash. I just bought a pair of Paige jeans, but I think I might return them and get another pair of Citizens. Can't decide yet. Good luck!

  7. I like Levi's and J Brand. There's this pair of Hudson's which fit like a dream, but their back pockets are not my fave. I bought another pair of Hudsons (online) and they didn't have the same magical fit.

    And I emailed Anthro for you. They should be getting back to you.

  8. This is a good list. . . glad to see paper denim, they had some at Anthro and I want to try them on. I'll check out citizens as well. Broek, the jeans I didn't buy that I should have were Hudsons--I remember your magic jeans--still kicking myself. I've tried Joes, but didn't like them on me. . . it's been a while, I'll try again.

    Thanks everyone for all the input.

  9. I just love, love, love all the pictures you have been posting!

    Jeans...ahh, my bestest friend. I love my Rock and Republics, Paige and AG's. New to my list is Habitual. If you like the wide leg, trouser that is in right now then check out Aristocrat. I love these jeans. You can totally dress them up or down.

    Oh, and there is this HUGE warehouse sale here in LA that I get all my jeans at for 1/2 the price. I will see if they have one in your area. Girls are in the aisles fighting over who grabbed the cute seven jeans first! I also get mine on ebay! Go try them on in a store and get the right size and then buy them on ebay. For some reason here in Los Angeles, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross sell designer jeans (like sevens and citizens). Check the ones out in NY! They might have them also. My best friend is the same size as me so we like to swap jeans. Thats a good way to get something new and not have to pay!

  10. Just a thought, I bought some Sevens at Lohemann's in NY, and the one here sells PD&C! Do you ever go there?

  11. I love sevens. I also have some citizens that I quite enjoy. But I hate admitting that I spend that much on blue cotton.

  12. I'm still rockin' the Jordache.

    Have you heard of Lee jeans? I hear they are out of this world.

    I have no real advice. Jeans, bras and bathing suits... the WORST.