This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Catching Up

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Catching Up

So we actually took a little trip a couple weekends ago to Boston, I just fell behind and never got around to posting about it. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed driving through Massachusetts while leaves were just starting to change colors. We went to the Topsfield fair just out side of Boston (the oldest fair in the country mind you) and also hit Salem while we were in the hood. Boston itself was also fun as we did some things that we hadn't seen before and were finally there when the temperature was above 0 degrees . . . here we go.

Potty Training? Sleeping through the night? Big deal. . . our baby knows how to drive.

First, The Topsfield Fair. . .

And here we have the worlds wackiest puppeteer. That's a rabbit, in orange and green workout clothes, on roller skates . . . lets just say it wasn't pretty.

Petting the animals. . .

The giant pumpkin contest. . . the winner (not seen here) weighed in at over 1,600 pounds.

Our little pumpkin on a really big pumpkin.

Such a little monkey.

This is a woman spinning rabbit hair into yarn. That huge fur ball on her lap is in fact a live rabbit from whom she pulls the hair to spin. Yep, just yanks it right off.
They were very serious about their face painting as you can see here.

Talk to the hand, Mom.

Ok, now for Salem. Pretty much everything in Salem revolves around witches, pirates and graveyards. Makes sense right?
So here we are in the witch history museum (the terms "history" and "museum" should be used loosely).

And here I am in a graveyard. That pretty much sums up Salem.

And now Boston. We've been to Boston before and done the whole Freedom trail thing, but we didn't see The USS Constitution (the ship, not the document) before . It was actually very cool. . . it's a colonial war ship from the 1700's.

All hands on deck! I mean all cute guys with cute babies on deck!

Oh man! I'm trying to upload more pictures but blogger isn't working. . . . so I'll just have to add those later. That was pretty much the gist of our trip anyway.

Later Skaters.

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  1. i've always wanted to go to boston. looks so pretty and fun. you know ashley (fun size) and corey live there, right?

    love the picture of the little one driving. and i want your purse. can i have it?