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Monday, September 24, 2007

For My New Moms

So I've been wanting to post this for a while . . . Basically these are some of the books, tools, products, and tricks of the trade that helped me in this new venture of motherhood. I know quite a few people who are expecting soon so I thought this might be a nice little resource for them. I would also like to say this little list is far from complete and is just the perspective of one new mom . . . (ahem) that would be me. What worked for me, may or may not work for you. What products I LOVE may not be essential for you, but I still wanted to post this if nothing else maybe it will point you in the right direction. Also note that this isn't fancy schmancy designer products or the coolest looking nursery stuff, but just some basic, practical stuff.

First lets start with the books. The books are great and can give some really good advice, but I also caution you from trying to follow any of these to the letter. At some point you just have to throw the books out and do what works for you. . . but I did find the following to be helpful on some level. Here we go . . .

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: This was a good book to give you some basic guidelines about a schedule and the most important parts of a baby's life--eating and sleeping. I thought this was a very practical book and for the most part gave good advice. However, trying to follow this too closely, especially in the beginning is rather silly. As I was told by new moms, the first few months are just about survival and you do what you have to in order to get by. But it's a very practical and "do-able" book for the most part.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: This is simultaneously my favorite and least favorite book. I love it because I really agree with his philosophies about sleep (sleep begets sleep) and his principles and guidelines about how to get there, but I think it's very poorly written. He jumps around way too much and it just doesn't flow very well. . . so there is great advice in there . . . if you can find it. But honestly, I know many people who swear by this book and you can count me as one of those as well.

Finally, The Happiest Baby on the Block: You can either read this book, or watch the 45 minute DVD. I would suggest watching the DVD. This is a very specific book with very specific advice about handling fussy newborns. The video really does help you see exactly how and what to do with a fussy baby, and I think it would be hard to do all 5 suggestions the right way without seeing in demonstrated. I'll tell you, this video circulated around our ward (Church) and the very night we watched it I had run out of the house in tears (hubby was with the baby) because I just didn't know what else to do for our little crying baby. When I got home my husband opened the door, with a quiet baby in his arms and proclaimed "this video really works!" That night I watched it and put her to sleep and it was the first time she sleep for 6 hours straight! It was a total fluke, as she didn't do that again for a long time, but it really, really helped. I felt like I had some tools under my belt for handling my little fusser.

Now for some of my favorite products. First the Hooter Hider.

Actually the company has changed their name to Bebe au Lait . . . they classed it up a little. They're nursing covers that make nursing in public so much easier. 2 of my friends told me about these and both of them gave me one and I LOVE THEM. In fact I believe they both actually made them for me. It's very versatile. . . I use it for nursing, for covering the baby in the bjorn while she slept, as a cover in her stroller to help her sleep . . . seriously it's great and I don't know what I would have done without it. Thanks Britty and Shelley.

Next. . .

Lansinoah Nursing Pads and Breast Cream.

These nursing pads are great. They hold gallons of milk, they're super thin and I never had one leak through my shirt, which I think can happen frequently with non disposable pads. And the breast cream (not pictured) was a lifesaver for those early weeks of nursing. I highly recommend both.

Also on my list, but things I'm not going to write up are:
Bjorn carrier and Bjorn bouncy seat
Cloth diapers as burp cloths
White noise machine

OK that's about it. Please feel free to add to the list any of you other new moms out there!


  1. If I ever had any question as to who owns this blog, the breast pads sealed it in favor of Amy. Sorry Bracken.

    Thanks for the field research Ames. It could be useful one day. =)

  2. Those breast pads are awesome.

    I love the book The Nursing Mother's Companion Guide and Baby 411. Baby 411 is the best "How" to care for your baby, plus sound medical help, guide I've found. I often give either or both as baby shower gifts.

    Second on the Boppy.

    I LOVE, love, love my Chicco stroller. I highly recommend them as a cool alternative to some of the pricier strollers out there. The Chiccos have great design.

    And, love my Ameda Purely Yours electric pump. I can work and still feed my babies exclusively. It's less expensive than the Medelas, is a closed system, and is very reliable.

  3. white noise machine...hahaha.

  4. Broek--It will definitely be useful one day and I'll be happy to be your tour guide in all things baby. Not that you need it, but it's nice to be on the otherside of the fence (dolling out advice rather than seeking).

    Azucar--I'm going to have to check out the baby 411 book. And I'm glad you put a good pump on there, mine is just a hand pump and works fine for me but I know it wouldn't do much for a working mom.

    Katie--Way to call me out. "White noise simulator" in other words, an ipod playing a track your husband made of the sound of an actual blowdryer. OK, you happy? :)

  5. You are quite the expert. Are you available for hire as a consultant? I am not making any sort of announcement, but I may need your help some day.

  6. I'm so glad the Hooter Hider made it on the list. I have the Bebe au Lait brand (they haven't changed names, they just have two names for them, one for brash moms who don't mind it saying "hooter hider" on the tag, and one for the more conspicuous moms), but I got yours from a friend who makes them. Just the same and cheaper than the original!

  7. I have all those things and I love all of them.

  8. I can only recommend the "white noise simulator" if you have more than one bedroom.

    Broke (sp?): My next post is going to be all about jock straps and remote controls. I'll take it back. Don't worry. I'm "letting" her carry it for a time.

  9. Have to heartily give my endorsement to the Happiest Baby on the Block. This soothing method was magic for us.

  10. I forgot my favorite preggo product of all time.

    That's right, of ALL TIME.

    I struggled with adjusting pillows and trying to sleep with my first: a couple under the belly, between the knees, etc. It would be a production to turn over or leave the bed for a trip to the loo. Then my friend recommended a pregnancy pillow called the back 'n belly. OHMYHEAVENSTHIS THINGISAMAZING. Is it worth the $55 price tag for a pillow? Yes, every penny, because you can sleep the sleep of angels. Amen.

  11. This is awesome. When I have kids, I'll be all set!!

  12. I have to put in my shout out to the baby bouncer/jumper -- kind of looks like an exersaucer but with stretchy things so she can jump. My 8 month old LOVES it-- just jumps and jumps and jumps. And then I can actually get a shower in!

  13. what a great list. THANKS i need it!