This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Baby "Toys"

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baby "Toys"

We don't buy very many toys for the babe. And I'm fine with that, in fact I prefer it that way. She gets bored with them way too fast and most of them are just c-r-a-p that piles up and will be totally obsolete in about 6 months anyway. Besides that she seems to prefer playing with house hold objects more than actual toys. (I know this is common, but I'm explaining for the sake of those who aren't in the know). So far the best fake-y toys she has are my old cell phone, a CD we got in the mail and a piece of ribbon. She loves this stuff and I couldn't care less since it was just junk around the house anyway. But alas, she is growing weary of those as well. My question to you, dear readers, is what fake out toys have you given your children? Keep in mind I don't want anything with small parts that she could choke on or safe versions of something that could be potentially harmful ("here play with these electrical cords, just don't play with electrical cords plugged into the wall" . . . you know what I'm saying?). Thanks. You guys are rad.


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    I am sure that you are already doing this, but Graham seems to love kitchen stuff, like tupperwares and spatulas. Also, I let him rip up my magazines and catalogues that are headed to recycling, or I have noticed that winter hats and gloves are funny, and you can hide something in there for Pen to find. I agree about buying tons of toys (and this being a useless venture), although I have loved the teething toys. That, along with some small animals, like the bug jug, is about all that Graham has cared about, despite his grandmother exploding all over us with fisher price:)
    love, Suz

  2. I was going to suggest kitchen stuff too. Pots, pans, cups, spatulas, wooden spoons, and anything that jingles.

  3. Sofia talks to stuffed animals. I have no clue what she is saying, but it is so cute. She thinks they are real. I also love these toy keys and a toy cell phone that I got for her at target. She loves them. She also loves rubber ducks that you use in the bath. She wants them with her all the time. She just likes anything with a face on it.

    True story about the electrical cords...

    Nate let Sofia play with the computer battery cord. She pulled it out when he was on the laptop. She put it in her mouth (yes, he wasnt watching) and it gave her a little jolt. I spent hours on the phone to the Dr. and Dell computer. Thank the Lord it only felt like a 9 volt battery when we put it on our tongue (she cried though!) All Dell could say at the end of the conversation was "Please dont let it happen again." Uhhh, I wasn't planning on it! Its not our form of discipline Mr!

  4. I was also going to suggest kitchen stuff. I got mason jar rings and tied them on a string. They jingled and it was like our own little home-made rattle.

    If you don't have a ball, I would highly suggest one. They'll eventually roll it around and then when she's older, it will still be a favorite for throwing, catching...etc. Plus, they're cheap.

    My little guy at that age LOVED burp cloths. I know it's kind of strange, but he'd play his version of "peek-a-boo" with it & would eat it. It was a favorite.

  5. Lily loves a toothbrush. I can also second the ball comment.

  6. cardboard boxes and empty water jugs

  7. I babysat a family who would entertain their baby with their "fish aquarium" screen saver. He loved it.

    But in terms of tactile toys... blocks or anything block like (word to the cardboard boxes) that kids can stack or knock down were always big. Especially if she's in the "cause and effect" play stage.

  8. At about 6 months MAx loved combs. HE also LOVED playing with people's glasses (esp his grandma's) and so I bought him a plastic costume pair at the dollar store that he still loves to pieces.

    At about a year it was the pastry brush. Dear heavens, he took that WHEREVER we went. I finally had to throw it out it got so disgusting.

  9. Good ideas everyone. Yes on the kitchen stuff. I LOVED playing with that stuff as a kid. . . and I should get some more cardboard boxes. AND I was just saying I need to get her a ball. That's a good one.

    Tiff--I like the fake glasses idea, I'm gonna have to use it.

    Tawni--That is so sad! I'm sure Nate was in the dog house on that one.

  10. This is for when baby gets a little older, but my friend had this and I thought it was cool. She got an empty plastic season salt shaker, you know, one with about six large holes on the top, and put Q-tips in there. So, the kid can take off the lid and dump out the Q-tips, and then try to put them in the holes. Good Sacrament Meeting toy!

  11. measuring spoons + my toothbrush.