This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Project Update

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Project Update

The above quilts are designed by Denise Schmidt. I love her quilts, they are beautiful, simple and lovely. They are also quite pricey ($4,000. yikes.). I decided to make my own version of these quilts (in a baby size) . . . I actually had a similar idea before I ever saw her quilts, but whatev's. You can call me a Denise Schmidt knock-off, but I'm doing it. I'm really excited and I'll post some pics when I'm done . . . and they might even be for sale.


  1. No worries about ripping off someone else's stuff. I just did. I saw these onesies on Etsy and had to recreate them. I couldn't get myself to buy them when I knew I could do it myself. I'll post them on a blog one of these days. I'm all for doing it yourself to save money,

  2. did you find anything good at the fabric store on 181st?

  3. Beautiful quilts....quilts are so nice and homey. They make me want hot cocoa, mashed potatoes and my mom.
    By the way, I really like, which I'm sure a happening girl like yourself has already come across...but in case you hadn't, it's cool.