This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Let's make it 2-Hundy

Monday, June 18, 2007

Let's make it 2-Hundy

The wifers challenged me to match her hundred with my own hundred. I'll try to list a few things that even my wife doesn't know.

  1. My high school football team (no, I wasn't on it, see fact #2) were the state champs all 3 years I was in high school. I would run on the field after every game with my shirt off.
  2. I was assistant ball boy for my high school football team.
  3. Although my wife was voted class clown, I was the runner up (to the head ball boy).
  4. My sister played college volleyball and I ended up being the ball boy for her team, a job normally reserved for 10-year-0lds.
  5. I was a volleyball ball boy for 3 years for that team.
  6. When the men's coaches saw our skills, they asked us to be their ball boys as well.
  7. I was a volleyball ball boy for 3 years for the men's team as well (and helped lead them to a national championship).
  8. I've been to China, Hong Kong, Alaska (5 times), Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Portugal, Cape Verde, and Germany.
  9. I served a mission in Portugal and spent 7 months in Cape Verde.
  10. I closed an island in Cape Verde as a missionary, essentially taking away the Church from the few faithful members left. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done.
  11. My greatest fear is of one day becoming severely dyslexic. Seriously.
  12. I took violin lessons from four years old to 18 years old. I hated violin until about 2 years after I stopped playing.
  13. My wife thinks she's funnier than me, but she's not. I'm funnier.
  14. Everyone tells me my daughter looks exactly like me.
  15. My favorite thing in the world is to make my wife and daughter laugh.
  16. My wife is almost 4 years older than me. Good advice to any single man: date older. You'll never go back.
  17. In fact, my first date was with an older woman. I was 15 years old (I know, I'm a sinner--but it was like 2 weeks before my birthday) and my date was a 17-year-old varsity cheerleader. My sister made me do it (she was her friend). I drove.
  18. I drove a LOT before I got my license.
  19. I make fun of people too much.
  20. I was suspended in 5th grade for lighting firecrackers on the playground.
  21. My lifetime pull-up count hovers around 17. (Yes, that's how many pull-ups I've done in my lifetime, not in a row)
  22. My wife is beautiful. I'm so glad she married me.
  23. The only bone I've broken is my clavicle. I've only had stitches once after a slip-n-slide accident.
  24. My best friend (besides my wife of course) is a lawyer.
  25. Being a dental student, I stare at everyone's teeth.
  26. I've worked as a groundskeeper, a runner, a camp counselor, a deli man, and a laboratory technician.
  27. Soccer is my favorite sport.
  28. I don't like watching sports on TV.
  29. I'm an eagle scout.
  30. I'm a cheapskate. Just ask the Mrs.
  31. I'm not very good at keeping in touch with people.
  32. One day I want to run a marathon and swim across the Hudson river (not necessarily consecutively).
  33. My major pet peeve is leaving the milk out too long. You can't tell me it doesn't taste different after becoming warm.
  34. My favorite foods are breakfast foods. With plenty of sugar on top.
  35. I like to bake on Sundays.
  36. When my grandma died, I inherited her cast iron crepe pan. I've made hundreds of crepes with it.
  37. The biggest fish I've caught was a 96 lb. halibut.
  38. I'm a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force.
  39. My namesake is a dentist who lives in Idaho. I know at least one other person was named after the same dentist.
  40. My scout leader (when I was twelve) gave his son the same name.
  41. I'm a Republican.
  42. I won the spelling bee in 6th grade by spelling "salmonella."
  43. I won an essay contest in 9th grade.
  44. My best friend and I tried to start a club in college called the "Man Scouts." "The man" wouldn't let us because they said it sounded "chauvinistic" and "homosexual." Whatever.
  45. I hope to inherit all my dad's woodworking tools and somehow get him to teach me how to use them all.
  46. I enjoy hunting.
  47. At one point in my life, my favorite movie was Encino Man.
  48. I do not share the love of old movies that my wife possesses.
  49. I would love to own Guitar Hero, but my wife won't allow any gaming systems in our home.
  50. I rarely buy anything new or full price. Craigslist and I are good buddies.
  51. I have what some people call "toe thumbs." I have convinced people that my thumbs were shot off in an accident and that they sewed my big toes onto the stubs.
  52. I'm ashamed of my ugly thumbs.
  53. I had a huge teenage crush on Jennifer Aniston, but I don't like Friends.
  54. I tried to learn to skateboard at 22 yrs old.
  55. I landed one moving kickflip in my skateboarding career.
  56. I still love to longboard.
  57. If I had to pick my own name, it would be Chaz Lamborghini.
  58. The TV series I have followed from the beginning are 24, The OC, Lost, and Heroes. I refused to watch the last season of The OC.
  59. My parents once left me at home alone when I was a newborn. For a few minutes. I was still asleep when they got back.
  60. My favorite color is red.
  61. My favorite brand of shoes is Vans.
  62. My favorite band is the Counting Crows. Or at least it used to be.
  63. I have no living grandparents.
  64. My favorite food is bacon.
  65. Other favorite foods: crepes and Fuddrucker burgers (with nacho cheese).
  66. My mother loathes the fact that I didn't sleep through the night until 9 months.
  67. I was engaged once before I was married. So was my dad.
  68. After my mission, I dressed up as a missionary and snuck back into the MTC for a Tuesday night devotional with Neal A. Maxwell. He walked out into the crowd and I was sure he would see right through me.
  69. My favorite class in dental school has been anatomy.
  70. I won $40 in a slot machine.
  71. I've always wanted to be a dentist, since I was a wee lad.
  72. I elementary school my nickname was Honkie. In high school, it was BK1.
  73. My first concert was Dance Hall Crashers. My wife was there. 5 years before we met.
  74. The first girl I ever kissed was named Candi, a Texan.
  75. I used to love watching shows like "Real TV." I used to say, "this is why TV was invented."
  76. My dad and I used to build model rockets. We sent them higher and higher until we lost one.
  77. I bought a remote control helicopter in China. I crashed it several times before I ever came close to learning how to fly it. I had more fun fixing it than trying to fly it.
  78. I know how to grow cancer cells in a laboratory.
  79. I have a very low tolerance for spicy food.
  80. I named my first apartment Randall.
  81. I work with the youth at church. It can be tough, but I love it.
  82. I've got 2 sisters. I'm in the middle.
  83. After I threw up Cafe Rio, I couldn't eat it for over a year.
  84. I miss the Urban Cowboy from Gandolofo's in Utah.
  85. I boycott Subway.
  86. My favorite candy bar is twix.
  87. My favorite candy is swedish fish.
  88. I'm a skinny guy who can't gain weight. At 190 now, the most I've ever weighed was 203 after working out for a year.
  89. My initials are a German-made car.
  90. I started this blog.
  91. My wife now calls it her blog and refers to me as a guest when I post.
  92. Some of my favorite desserts are creme brulee and my wife's banana cream pie.
  93. I love gadgets and read a couple gadget blogs every day.
  94. I won the Pinewood derby as a cub scout. My dad should get the credit.
  95. I love to make my wife laugh to the point that her head falls to one side. I call it "neck failure."
  96. I collected stamps as a kid.
  97. I've never toured Europe. But I want to.
  98. I've drawn my own blood dozens of times.
  99. I want 6 kids.
  100. I want to serve many more missions for the LDS church.
That's it. I'm out.


  1. Anonymous5:02 PM

    You are the cutest brother in the world... I almost started crying while reading your list (from laughter and just because I love you so much!)


  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    When you served in Cape Verde / Portugal, did you know an Elder Craig?

  3. elder craig....doesn't sound familiar. but I have a terrible memory. that's fact #101.

  4. did you hear that Gueck? SIX KIDS!

  5. Missa--

    That was my reaction as well. . . he understands that's not necessarily what he's getting . . . it's just what he wants.

  6. Its cool, Will wants 12 (his dad has 8). I'm right there with you. Tick tock!

  7. Anonymous11:48 PM

    So which ones did your wife not know? Just curious.

  8. let's not forget who gave your wife that recipe for banana cream pie, ok???

  9. sorry, care. let all the banana creme glory be unto thee.

  10. So Charles says this whole list is probably a lie. I backed you up and said it wasn't. UNTIL he recalled you eating SUBWAY at the ASDA Vendor Day in Bard Basement. I dunno what to believe anymore!

  11. if you know me at all, you know i will never let free food go un-eaten. never. even subway. you'll never find me buying it. i bought one too many dry subs that made me want to heave.