This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Did you know you can make homemade popcorn without buying (and storing) a pop corn machine? (pop corn maker?) B saw an article on making your own microwave popcorn and we tried it and it's AWESOME. After only having store bought microwave popcorn for so long I forgot how good homemade pop corn tastes. . . with real butter. Mmmmmmm. All you need is popping corn, brown paper bags, a little oil and you'll be chillin like Orville Redenbacher in no time. I don't' even know what that means. But here's how you do it.

Measure 1/4 cup pop corn into a brown paper bag (small, like the kind you used to take your lunch in). Add 1 tsp. oil (we use olive oil). Shake around to make sure all kernels are properly covered. Add a little salt if you like. Then flatten out the bag (make sure there's no air in there yet) and staple it shut. (Yeah we were a little worried about staples in the microwave, but it totally works). As far as popping times I'm not sure since we use the popcorn button on the microwave . . . but when the popping slows down and there are a couple seconds between pops you should probably turn it off.

I should tell you that we usually have to make 2 batches to equal 1 normal sized batch. And there are a lot of unpopped kernels left over, more than usual I would say, but it's still worth it. If you want to read up on it yourself, here's the article.


  1. How cool. If you love homemade popcorn, you should get a Whirly Pop. It's the best! Popcorn is a big hit in my family, so my mom made sure I had one. Thanks for the info!

  2. cool idea, but I still say invest in the air popper. Nothing beats it. And the healthiest way to go - no oil necessary. And when you pop your corn, put it in a large paper grocery bag, add your melted real butter (this is where the unhealthiness starts) and salt and shake it up really good. DELICIOUS.

    Homemade microwave popcorn sounds a bit like an oxymoron yes? funny.

  3. sweet! i'm excited to try this... popcorn is one of my FAVORITE snacks! in fact, i think i'll go make some right now!

  4. A whirly pop huh? I don't know. . . see what I was excited about was NOT having to buy/store extra equipment around the house. . . maybe down the road when we have more room. Same with the air popper--probably great to have, but if you can do the same thing without buying a whole new machine, than why do it? But I'm kinda picky this way. . . I don't like kitchen tools that only have 1 use AND I can do it with some equipment I already have. For example, an egg slicer, quesadilla maker, and rice cooker (although I have to admit I do use a rice cooker).

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