This Little Miggy Stayed Home: New Bedding

Friday, May 18, 2007

New Bedding

So I still need some comments from other moms on my "Calling all Moms" post below (it's still happening--7 days in a row) . . . but in the meantime, I thought I would post a picture of the new bedding I bought. It was a steal (literally. I stole it. kidding.) and I'm excited to have something new and a complete set (pillow shams, bedskirt, etc) . . . I never completed the look of my old bedding. I started with a duvet cover, but the vision never really came to fruition . . . then add in the fact that I got married and my hubby wasn't too hip on the flower motif. Anyway, I'm not sure I'm going to keep it (I'm a fan of returning things) but I thought I would get some feed back from y'all. YOU all. Whoever you are reading this blog. . . yes you. What do you think? (And if you're a mom scroll down and read about my dilemma, then make a constructive comment. Thanks.)


  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    If you decide to take it back, maybe you would consider selling it to me!!! It is super fabu:) My duvet cover has some sneaky little holes in it, so I would be up for a change. If you decide that it is your new look, then perhaps I can roll around on your bed for a while? heehee
    love, Suz

  2. don't know you, but i stumbled across your blog from a friend to a friend to a friend,(you know how that goes, right?) and at some point i think we were in the same ward. anyway, i digress. you asked for input, here it is. i love the bedspread. i too struggle with the need to please the husband but be true to your tastes dilemma. do you know she has some great rugs in a golden rod that i think would compliment the spread.
    also, i got through random sleeping problems with my son by making his afternoon nap a little shorter and then praying. a lot. good luck.

  3. I like it, not too girly, not too masculine.