This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Everyone Loves Babies

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Everyone Loves Babies

One of my favorite things so far about being a mom is observing people's reactions to our little bean. I mean I know people like babies and generally think they're cute, but sometimes I'm just so surprised at the attention she attracts. One thing that is very common here is for people to say "God bless her" to us as they walk by. I'm not sure if that's a Dominican thing (as our neighborhood has a strong Dominican population), but there's something very kind and uplifting about it. As if they're sending a little blessing our way. Additionally, it's just interesting to see how people from all walks of life are just totally enamored with babies. I have to say I wasn't prepared for it. I was prepared for little old ladies to ohh and ahh at the bean, but when I see tough looking guys with tattoo's, gold chains and a shaved head waving at her from across the way and asking how old she is I'm a little taken aback. In a good way. I've talked to more people since she's been born than in the previous year and a half we've lived here. It's great. And it's not just people coming up and talking to me, I find that I'm more outgoing as well. The other day in our courtyard there were 3 older women admiring her across the way, pointing and smiling, so when it was time to leave I strolled over there with the bean and talked for a few minutes. It's been so interesting to see the universal appeal a baby brings and to feel that whatever your personal beliefs or way of life, everyone seems to acknowledge the joy and preciousness of this little being . . . I mean bean.


  1. One thing I've noticed, too, is that when my kid(s) are with me, EVERYBODY is nice & polite to me- when I'm alone, I will sometimes get catcalls or harassing comments or something (my favorite one to date is "White Chocolate"). It's true that even the toughest guys will soften when he sees a baby.

  2. Babies just bring out the softies in people; it's kind of sweet to see it. I remember people playing peekaboo with Guille on planes. It's like we're bonding with the newest person to join us all.

    Of course, it helps when your bean is adorable.

  3. So true, we get the "God bless" greeting a lot and it is nice. The other day I ventured out without my little bug and it was so weird to get ZERO attention since I'm so used to it with her around. It really is nice to have all kinds of people start grinning on the street when they see babies.