This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Cool Toys

Monday, May 07, 2007

Cool Toys

I thought I'd post about something besides the baby. . . but still baby related. Cool toys! I'm not one to want to go out and buy my kid a lot of toys . . . I'd rather she have a few cool (yet inexpensive) toys. In fact I think all the toys our bean has gotten so far have been from other people. Here's the thing . . . if I'm going to go out and get some toys I want them to be cool toys. Maybe I'm being a toy snob, but it's my blog and if you don't like it click on one of those links to the right and be gone with you. Just kidding. Anyway, for you other parents out there, here are some toys that I think are worth the extra clutter around the house. They're durable, well designed, well made and even your adult friends are going to want to pick them up and play.

First up, Haba Little Gardening Pegging Game. Remember what I said about inexpensive. . . well this one is kinda expensive, but I love it and think it's a great idea. If you want to drop almost 50 bones, get it here.
Next is a toy from Brio. This is one of those shape/color drop box thingies. You know what I mean. . . and this one is only 18 dollars! (Holla!). Get it here.

And finally, also from Brio these building blocks. I love the colors. . . and yours for only $27. Get it here.

OK--so I reluctantly shared the goods. I could have just bought these (which I will) and been the envy of all my mom friends. . . but I shared. So there. Now it's your turn . . . know any cool toys?


  1. I personally think the Tupperware toy is a real classic... I had it as a kid and Lex has played with it, too- kind of inter-generational bonding of sorts... I love it!

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you don't need to ever spend money on toys for babies. My girl's favorites are:
    1. Paper (esp. crinkly kind)
    2. Plastic bags (no we don't let her)
    3. Wires (no, not plugged into a power supply)

  3. B totally had one of those tupperare toys. . . and yes they are very cool. Scott--you're right. I'm anticipating her favorite toys being any and all junk around the house. one reason I don't want to buy a lot of toys.

  4. shelley9:16 PM

    don't get me started, don't even get me started. plan toys and haba are by far, my favorites. how can you beat wooden toys? i just came across this one:
    can you imagine playing "store" with one of those things back in the day? and this is one my mom bought for olive (it's even cooler in person as it slinks along the floor):

  5. Our kids have all loved the Spinning School Bus from Target (Parents brand)... It is definitely worth its $15 price tag!