This Little Miggy Stayed Home: 5th Avenue Babies

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

5th Avenue Babies

Our neighborhood in New York is quite diverse and there is a strong Dominican influence here. I believe Dominicans to be rather family oriented as children are very common around these parts. When I go out on walks I always see many, many other moms. We're all out walking our kids and doing our mom thing. There are moms of all ages--very young to somewhat older--and all walks of life. Therefore, no one ever bats an eye when B and I are out on walks with the baby--it's totally normal and we fit right in. However, there are other parts of New York that aren't as used to seeing people my age or B's age with babies. Last week we went down to Central Park for a picnic. The weather was beautiful and it was a fun day all around. Later we walked on over to 5th avenue to do some shopping. B had the baby strapped in a Bjorn (which is a baby carrier that holds the baby in front), and he has his coat tucked over her so she can sleep. As he was walking down 5th Avenue, there was a very business-y business man walking next to him. Expensive suit, perfectly polished (and expensive) shoes, and some swank (read expensive) sunglasses. He looked over and B and said, "You got a baby in there?"
B: Yes
Business Man: How old?
B: 2 months.
Business Man: Congratulations.
B: Thanks.

And then he just kept walking. Apparently he's not used to seeing men carry anything other than a briefcase.


  1. The business man story is so classic.

  2. yeah I just love that opener. . . "you got a baby in there?"