This Little Miggy Stayed Home: By Popular Demand

Monday, April 02, 2007

By Popular Demand

Here are some more pics of the little one. These are in no particular order and since she has grown quite a bit she may look bigger/smaller from picture to picture since they're not in chronological order. (Actually I just checked and she looks pretty much the same in these pictures).

Daddy/Daughter nap time.

Grandpa W and baby

Sleeping on Grandma W's lap.

Bath time.

Fast asleep. (This is one of our fav's).

She's so cute. . . the little stinker.


  1. She is so dang cute. I noticed she has a little curl in her hair when she gets out of the bath? Sofia has that too. Well let me say use to...there really is nothing left now. Its sad. I can tell your little girl is going to be deep...a very deep thinker.

  2. she's adorable -- I can't believe how much she's already starting to fill out. I love the last pic... so cute!

  3. so adorable! i love that black and white blanket/towel

  4. Hey that's exactly how Josh sleeps. No kidding!
    This is Mo by the way.

  5. P.S. Where did you get that black and white towel thing. I want to get a towel for my pending child.

  6. Mo! Hey you--congrats. For both you and Liz--the towel is from Target--I can't remember the brand, but you should be able to find it. Plus it really is warmer/thicker than my other baby towels.

  7. Ooh, these pictures make me itch to see that baby! Why do you guys have to be so far away?!! I'm not sure I can wait until August! She looks so much like Brack, although I definitely see some Amy in there!

  8. She is so adorable.