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Friday, February 09, 2007

Blog Storm 2007

So I'm sorta on a blog kick here, but I thought this was worth a mention. In light of my post below and my "all that is wrong with corporate America" issue, here is an example of what is right with America. See this woman . . . this is Corrine Holston and she hasn't missed a day of work in 56 years! Fifty-Six!!! She hasn't missed a day of work since 1951. Not. one. day. Amazing.

There is something really remarkable about that. I'm sure she's been blessed with good health, but even if that was the case for say, myself, I doubt that I would have never called in sick just one time in a single year. . . nevermind 56 years. I just love people like this. I'm not saying that perfect attendance is the secret cure to all the worlds ills, but obviously Corrine is a woman who believes in hard work and integrity and those two qualities alone would do much to better the world we live in. Read her story here.

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  1. I have (had) the worst work ethic. Nate HATES it. My parents hate it. She is quite an inspiration to me! I need to be more like this woman.

    I like that your on a blog kick! I enjoyed all the new posts.

    When is your due date?