This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Restaurant Week

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Restaurant Week

For all your New Yorkers out there--it's Restaurant Week! This is the week where some of New York's finest dining establishments drop their usual hoity-toity prices and give you a top notch dining experience for a lower, flat rate. Now it's not dirt cheap or anything, BUT compared to what some of the restaurants charge, this is a steal. So this is how it works. . . you get a 3 course meal (appetiser, entree and dessert) for either $24.07 (lunch) or $35.00 (dinner). These are per person prices and don't include tax and tip. Like I said, not dirt cheap but the restaurant I just made lunch reservations has their meal price listed at $51.00 and up. Now, I should also mention that not all the restaurants involved are on the super pricey side, so if I was going to participate I wanted it to be at a restaurant where we would never go to otherwise. Ya dig?

Here's the link--it's runs the rest of this week and all next week, Monday-Friday only. (Be sure to read through all the instructions etc).


  1. I love love love restaurant week. We have reservations for Spice Market next week. I was also thinking of getting something at 66 or Gramercy Tavern.

    Have fun eating.

  2. Yeah! We have reservations at the 21 Club. Looks tasty--I'm excited. I'm not familiar with the spice market--is it Indian?

  3. That sounds like so much fun!

  4. CW--you would LOVE this. I just did a little tally last night on what we could spend at this place for a normal 3 course lunch, and it was over $200. Yeah, LUNCH. I'm stoked. I just hope the restaurant week menu is still a decent variety.