This Little Miggy Stayed Home: More Stuff to love. . .

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Stuff to love. . .

Where were these when I was registering for my wedding? Not at Target, I'll tell you that much. Anywho, I absolutely love these porcelain serving trays cast from aluminum take out trays. LOVE. L-O-V-E. I love them. Of course they're not super cheap ($40-$80 a pop) and not even that practical, since you can't use them in the oven or microwave, but they are beautiful, non? If you really want one (or want to get one for me) get it here. I prefer the brightly colored ones in the second picture. Thanks.

And here's some more stuff I love but can't afford. . . yet. hehe. These dishes are ME to a TEE (or tea, I don't know which). I'm not that big of a Kate Spade fan, but she did some good work here. I'm not even going to tell you where to get them. . . cuz if you get them and I don't have them, I'm not sure we could still be friends.Kisses--


  1. Love them...when I get rich (someday far far away) will you be my personal shopper?

  2. The color ones are so much cuter, you can really see the relief.

  3. Those are so great. I love the colors they chose as well.

    I had a fun time looking at them and trying to figure out what food I pictured in them as their aluminum counterparts.

    P.S - Does posting the stuff that you want work??? My husband doesn't ever look at my blog though :(

  4. Tawni--yes, I'll definitely be your personal shopper. One for you, one for me. . . that's how I like to shop.

    Tiff--yes it DOES work. I need to do a post about that. . . but I also had to say, 'if you're wondering what to get me, you can always get me something I've posted about. . . ' so that helped.

  5. hey you haven't posted in a while, what's up?