This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Cool baby stuff

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cool baby stuff

If I could afford to be a fancy schmancy mom these are some of the things I would want. . .

cute hooded baby towels.

Baby leg warmers! (I have to get these . . .)

I love this baby book. Too bad it's only for rich people. . .

Speaking of rich. . . I think if you buy this crib, they give you the baby for free.

Just some fun baby stuff. . .


  1. When are you due Amy?

    Cute baby stuff by the way. You can still be fancy schmancy even if you don't have those things. I know I am. ha ha

  2. I loved that crib. Then I realized that a free crib my mom bought would be just as cool (or at least almost as cool.)

  3. You're right--I'll still be fancy. . . I saw you're cute stuff on Darlybird! So cute. I couldn't sleep last night thinking about starting my own etsy thing. It wouldn't be for a while. . . but I'm dreaming. . .

    Free crib = coolest crib.

  4. Speaking of fun baby stuff, you MUST buy one of these. You'll thank me later. Everyone asks me where I got mine, and it is a lifesaver!

  5. Mig-

    Did you see my new etsy or was it indeed Darlybird? The etsy is I just posted some seriously funny Valentine's Day cards today. I already sold one! You HAVE to open a shop. You say it won't be for a while? Because of the baby or what? Are you staying home after the birth or what? You could just create inventory here and there and then open in the spring?

    When are you due? From the looks of those pics, it should be soon!

  6. Tiff--yeah I'm due soon. . . so I want to wait til after the baby. . . but you're right, I could just start getting some inventory together. I know you're just starting, but how much do you think one should have to start out with? I only saw you're stuff on Darlybird . . . I'll check out your shop.

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  8. oh i very love the pinky towel <3

  9. Hi,
    What kind of book is that? only for rich people?? anyway, i like Baby leg warmers!. did you make it yourself?

  10. Its really cool baby gear to see.