Friday, December 22, 2006

Perfect day. . .

While we were bummed about our flight plans not working out, it turned out to be a nice little break for just the two of us to spend some QT together. Sometimes you spend a lot of time making plans and working for something to be 'just right' and other times it just all comes together perfectly with little effort. Yesterday was one of those days . . . B needed to go downtown to do some last minute shopping and I decided to come along. We ended up down at the Antropologie right at Rockefeller plaza . . . so we walked around, saw the lights, the ice skaters, the other decorations, etc. We were hungry, but didn't really know of a place to eat off of 5th ave. that wouldn't be too pricy. Then I remembered that there is such a place off of 51st. It's called PrimeBurger and I remember it was featured on Oprah by Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker. I had been there once before, but B never had. So we walked on over and had ourselves some hamburgers. Got right in and sat right down. Then we left and B suggested we get a rickshaw ride over to a movie theater to catch a flick. We didn't have much cash, but found a guy who would take us. . . so we get on the back of the cart while he bikes us down 5th avenue, past all the great shops and Christmas displays . . . then we headed west and suddenly we're in Times Square being biked through traffic and the lights and all the people. So fun. The weather was great . . . it was barely chilly. We get to the movie theater just in time to catch the current screening of "The Pursuit of Happiness." Good movie. Just you're basic feel good type stuff. Nothing fancy or out there . . . just a good movie. Afterwards we decided to top it all off and split some ColdStone. Like I said, it was just one of those perfect unscripted days. . . I mean we started at Anthropologie and ended at Coldstone, how could it be anything but? The credit goes all to B . . . thanks Hubby.

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