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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No cool stories. . .

I don't feel like I have any cool stories to share as of late. I haven't been dissed in Seminary lately (well except if you count 0 kids coming today as a diss--which I do--but not much of a story). Everyone wants to know how the pregnancy/baby is doing, and all I can say to both are "fine." Which is great. 'Not fine' would be bad, so we're happy to say everything is fine. So I guess that's why I've been posting just cool stuff lately. . . I'm not a 'product' blog, but it's fun to post cool stuff . . . and secretly hope someone will get it for you.

So I kinda collect aprons. I have a quite a few. And this looks like the most perfect apron in the world to me. Completely unexpected. I love it. And you can find it here.

And I've actually been searching for these gloves for a while. . . they come in a couple other colors, but I like the pink. Imagine these gloves and that apron . . . I'd be a homemaking force to be reckoned with. Tell me you wouldn't be pushing people out of the way to do dishes with these bad boys on? Get them here honey. I mean, everyone can get them here. . . including my husband. OK bye.


  1. What a fun thing to collect! I have a few irresistables, but nothing that merits "collection" status. I saw some cute vintage aprons at Second-Hand Chic on 3300 South and about 1000 East in Salt Lake. But I don't know if you even live in Salt Lake.

    Wanted to thank you for your mention of I was so glad to hear that you like it! And to find your blog.

  2. Chelsea Mahuika5:00 PM

    Amy---I too have to drop hints to my husband on what I want for Christmas, but the problem is, I don't think he picks up on them. Maybe he'll start once he gets his Christmas present from me--a 42 inch plasma. I've never spent that much money on any item besides school, so it might throw me into cardiac arrest when I swipe the AMEX. He's going to be shocked, that's for sure. Back to the subject at hand. I LOVE these two choices. I too, love aprons, and want one for Christmas. Great idea!

  3. i love that apron. i kind of have a 'collection' as well (collection meaning two cute ones but wanting more)

  4. Ali--Maybe collect is a strong word. :) I have about 8--so you know, it's a start. And thanks for stoping by and keep up the good work with yourheartout. We're gonna be in Utah over the break and I hope to check out some of the places that you have featured.

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  6. Chelsea--you're gonna be wife of the year after this Christmas! He's gonna freak . . . as he should. Way to go, that's a great gift. It's sorta the same for me as far as hints go. . . I post on the blog then say "Sweetie, did you see the blog? Yeah I really would like that. Thanks." so . . .

    Liz--my fav. aprons are Anthro? Am I right?

  7. Anonymous8:44 AM

    miggy- yup, my collection is purely anthro right now

  8. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Amy - what's up with us being like almost best friends because we are good friends with each other's good friends? Why didn't we ever hang out more?

    So funny. I collect aprons too and I am reading this post WEARING one because I just whipped up some holiday goodies.

    Mine are all vintage aprons though. I don't own a new one. I do have about 15 old ones though. colected over the years from odd places. They are great. Mostly flour sack fabric which I love. A lot of those fabrics are reproduced now.

    I scored on a "lot" of them at an estate auction I went to last fall. I got like 6 in a bag for a dollar. No one bid on them but me. They were in with a bunch of fabric scraps that I think people overlooked. But not yours truly.

    Maybe when I get them all cleaned and ironed and starched up I'll post them on my blog.

    By the way, you can get that carnival apron $4.00 cheaper at (the place that sells my barrettes). It is run by a cool LDS stay at home mom about our age. Lives in Sacramento. she deserved your business. They have children's aprons too so you can get a matchy matchy one for the wee one.

    Don't you just WANT to bake when you have cute aprons?

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