This Little Miggy Stayed Home: New Haircut!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Haircut!

I did it. I got a haircut in New York that didn't make me cry! I would say I even like it. I would have LOVED it, but I did have to trim a little of the bottom layer myself when I got home and now I love it . . . but that could have been a lack of communication on my part and I think he was erring on the side of cutting it too long (which can be fixed) rather than cutting it too short (which can be traumatic). Seriously, I'm very pleased. Let's be honest even Shep didn't always get it 100% right (again, prolly due to my lack of communication and the fact that he often reminded me that I was one of his top 10 pickiest clients).

ANYWHO. . . that's the good news. Here's the bad news. . . So my new hairdresser, Maurcio, (who I really like and who listened to me very intently and was very meticulous) is currently an apprentice. He works in a swank salon down in Chelsea, and has been an 'apprentice' for the past 3 years as is their policy. (You know that's a good salon if they spend 3 years as an apprentice before becoming full time staff.) So being an apprentice he only costs $35! As of January 1st, when he becomes a full time stylist his prices will jump to $100. Gulp. 3 years and I find him one month before he goes pro. Typical.


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Oh come cant just tease us and not post a picture of the new hair! Sofia is at the age (3 months) where she is grabbing my long hair and not letting go...I'm going to have to cut it soon. It hurts! We are coming to NYC again, so maybe I will go see your new guy...hmmm...Im nervous to cut it!

  2. Tawni, if I had YOUR hair I would never cut it. I have always wanted hair down to my bum, but A) it doesn't grow that long and b) looks stringy and flat once it gets a few inches past my shoulders. So I have finally come to terms with the fact that my hair just looks better a little shorter. . . your hair on the other hand. . .I'm jealous.

    Yeah I should prolly post some pics.

  3. Oooooouuuch.

    Then again, if you only cut it twice a year it might be worth it.

    I found the most amazing stylist about a month before she moved 6 hours away. All three of us sisters were going to her at the time. Don't kid yourself, we completely considered a group roadtrip to go for appointments.

  4. Anonymous12:09 AM

    I cut my own hair this morning. Not bad I must say. I have become a lot more daring since becoming a lot more poor.

    Plus I have really forgiving curly thick course hair.

    It will have to do. It's better than having a crap mullett from some random hair cuttery.