Thursday, December 07, 2006

My hair. It kinda sucks.

This picture is about 2 yrs old and all I can say is . . . Man! I used to have great hair. I can't go into motherhood with the mom hair I'm currently sporting . . . it's time to take action.


  1. Chelsea Mahuika1:34 PM

    Amy, your hair was dang cute in that picture, but I'm sure it's still cute now. Hey, you got a shout out at the Enhance Christmas party last night. Did you hear it's the last one EVER?

  2. Chels--yeah I talked to Tamera a couple days ago. So sad. Seriously, I even feel bummed about it. What was my shout out? I'm guessing it was from Gary. . . :) We should chat soon, it'd be fun to catch up.

  3. Shep...he was a good man. You still look presh Ame, no worries. :) And what's this with no ah-ha Christmas parties anymore?

  4. I just left Shep's salon (well, two days ago) because I, too, had to stop the horrid mom hair. Chelsea is all jealous because Patrick blew out my hair and I didn't even ask.

    I can't remember the content of the shout-out, but I remember you getting one.

    I can't believe that guitar shot was TWO years ago.

  5. Chelsea Mahuika11:37 PM

    Carina, you better believe, I'll be using your "blow out" on Patrick the next time I go in. None of this playing favorites business!

    I think it was Paul B. who mentioned your name--it was in a somewhat random context (true Paul fashion), so I don't quite remember.

  6. yeah I tried to schedule an appointment with Shep for when I'll be in Utah. . . no luck. I always wait until the last minute--the last minute meaning 1 and a half months beforehand.

  7. Anonymous11:28 PM

    My hair misses longs for him. I used to go to that homeboy when he lived in a cardboard box next to Stuart Fraser! And can I get in when I need to? Nope.

    Well, sometimes.

    I do have to admit that Patrick was my #1 scalp massage man though. (When he used to be Shep's side kick). Magical fingers I tell you. magical.

    don't you love how Shep looks at your hair as if it is a canvas? He studies every inch of it. You don't find a guy like him every day.

    I actually grew my hair out when I moved from Utah to MD because I didn't want to go through the trauma of a new hairdresser... I HATE THAT.

    Blah. This message was WAY too long and I am WAY too tired.

  8. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Hey, I was just thinking.. Didn't mutual homeboy friend DAD the MAN do the artwork on that guitar?? We ahve some MAJOR mutual friendshipping going on here my friend....

  9. Anonymous10:36 PM

    woops.... not DAD ha ha. DAN .

    I suck like your hair... not that it sucks...uhhh...errgh...

  10. Anonymous12:55 PM

    alright, i was reading the comments and about to comment on going to shep's last week too. it was hilarious because i actually scheduled at last minute and was put with katie (who's actually wuite awesome also), and shep was so jealous that he said he wanted to do my hair, and he swore that he would clear his schedule next time for me. Geez! I didn't realize that giving a hairdresser full rights to do anything would result in such a knockdown drag out. it was awesome!

    ps amy -- i've always been jealous of your hair so i can't imagine it being anything but amazing.

  11. Ah Shep . . . truly a local celebrity. Did he tell everyone they were one of his top 10 pickiest clients, or was that just me?

    Tiff #1--I forgot you know Dan! How is he doing? Do you keep in touch? Cool guy. . .

    Tiff#2--I didn't know ANYONE has EVER been jealous of my hair. . . you made my day.

  12. your hair does look awesome in that picture. i always thought rooming with caroline would help my hair issues, but i still look like i've got 15 year old hair (i.e. straight and boring)

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