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Saturday, December 16, 2006

I like this

I don't need this at all, but I really like this teapot. It's in my color and the design is tres awesome. You can get it at this online store called RareDevice.

For all of my SLC peeps, there's this new blog you should check out called Your Heart Out (which is where I saw the link for RareDevice). It's a blog of all cool things/happenings/places in the SLC area. They seem to really be in the know about cool boutiques and other fun stuff going on in the area. I found Your Heart Out on Jordan's blog (who I don't even know, but we have a lot of peeps in common) anyway. . . credit where credit's due.

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  1. i love that teapot. btw, jordan is my husband's younger sister (so now you can say you know her, kind of)