This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Belated Thanksgiving

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Belated Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving we went with our friends, the Webbs, to their friends' place in Connecticut. I had met Adrian and Wendy once before, but we really didn't know them. . . as it turned out it was a great weekend and they were awesome hosts. They live in a really cool mansion that has been converted into apartments. They live in one apartment, but are in the process of remodeling the apartment across from them . . . so we actually had our dinner in the living room of the place they're remodeling and it had this unfinished, step-back-in-time, vintage-y feel to it . . . it was very cool. Anywho--here are some pics from the weekend.

I realized later we didn't get any good pics of our hosts, but here is Adrian and Cardon checking out old high school photos.

The hallway to our the other apartment (I know, not that important, but c'mon . . . that's a sweet hallway).

Where we had Thanksgiving dinner.

B and I in front of the spread. . . and the food was awesome.

The husband and the wife.

Kelly riding her new bike in downtown New London.

Me in downtown New London.

This has to be the most popular house for trick or treating.

B in front of the local cemetery. Isn't that the most perfect cemetery tree? Very Sleepy Hallow.

OK that's it.

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  1. that looks like an awesome place! and i noticed the dr. thunder. awesome. more pictures of your cute belly!!